Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'd also like to add that I'm SO SICK of jeans that are low waist and ultra low waist. SO SICK of not being able to find a pair of friggin JEANS that fit my babies body..and won't show butt crack when I lean down to pick up one of my children! I almost feel like it's hopeless. They're either up to your armpits and all 80's out with the "front butt"..or down to the middle of your ass for all the world to see. I have better things to do with my time than constantly pulling my pants up. Seriously.

In Old Navy today, I noticed they had jeans at all. A very very small selection. I remember when I worked there..the most aggrivating thing was the denim wall..and now it's like..a shelf. What happened? won't be so hard to find pants that I'm happy with (and right now, I'm only happy with jammie pants)..but I need something to wear to get me to that point.

It's so friggin frustrating. Anyone out there know a place that might make me happy?

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Anonymous said...

Hey (by the way, I'm not a stalker...just your sis-in-law, Sarah...but I love reading your blogs....I think I came across them one day when checking out your myspace pics, anyway...) I had the same sorta problem with jeans and the crack thing. I finally found some pretty decent jeans at JCPenney. They are Tint brand. The rise in front is a little higher, but not so much that they go over my belly button. But the fact that I can bend over in them and not be worried about what kind of show I'm giving people from VERY nice.

Anywho...I love reading your blogs. It makes me realize how much I wish I knew you, and all my other sister's-in-law, person.

Oh...also, you don't have to act like an adult. I honestly don't think Josiah and I ever will. On occasion one of us has to take on the "mature" roll...but lemme tell doesn't happen very often.

Alrighty...gotta get dressed and take Josiah to work. Take care.