Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Who else here gets woken up way earlier than they'd prefer..and fall back alseep once the screaming dies down..only to dream that you're actually up and getting things done? Mighty quickly, too.

And then you're woken up by screams again..and hey, you're still in bed not doing anything extra productive like you thought you were.

I ran into one of my neighbors at Walmart yesterday. I was there on a mission. It was all sorts of busy. I was there for formula and milk. In and out! It's hot..I'm tired..let's just get this done! I wasn't expecting to see anyone I knew..I wasn't expecting to actually have to talk to anyone (except the cordial things you say to the checkout girl). So I'm walking fullspeed..on my mission and then BAM there she is. We said hello and kept on going. Then I felt bad immediately afterwards. I should have stopped and talked to her. That was so rude of me to just walk by like that. But..I was in mission mode. Anyway, on my way out of the last aisle..we bumped into one another again..and then this time stopped and talked for a few minutes. I felt better with that. I didn't want her to think I was being rude or short with her again or anything. Nope. It just takes a lot to get both boys ready to go anywhere..and by the time we get there, I'm all kinds of frazzled..ready to leave.

..and another day starts.

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