Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Day 100 (triple digits!)

Today was more than frustrating. Today was the kind of day where I wish I had a friend here.

Hang on..let me breathe.

I hate that it was THAT kind of a day. The kind of day where Calix threw food all over the floor from his highchair (ya'll, I'm so tired of sweeping and mopping these floors!), I got pegged with many a book and toy in various owwie places. Like knees..and elbows. I turned my back for literally 5 seconds TOPS to stir the macaroni and when I looked back into the living room, he was laying flat..with his back..ON TOP OF MADDOX and wriggling all around. Needless to say, I screamed for him to get off of him (he'd been warned MANY times in the preceeding minutes to leave his little brother alone because he's just small and can get really hurt)..and the kid got tossed up into his crib and was told he'd better consider himself lucky if he even got to come out to eat dinner.

Also, I've been very very sick over these past few days with some kind of a virus thing (which is mostly why I have no patience for bad behavior). I'm nauseous and dizzy and just yucky all the time. So, I was clinging onto the toilet all sick and what not and Maddox was sitting in the spinny chair thingy outside the bathroom door (open..have to keep an eye on them regardless of how sick I am)..and Calix..the free roaming child..came up and started like..smacking him with random toys. I refused to deal with it anymore being as sick as I was..so we changed his diaper and put him in bed for the night. 45 minutes early. I don't even care. I have zero pity for that child right about now. I told him..I said "okay, let's go change your diaper. For my own sanity and your safety..you need to go to bed.". I'm just so sick..SO SICK of dealing with all of this crap by myself on a daily basis. He'll have a few weeks of fantastically well behavior and I'll be like "hecks yes! my child is so awesome!" and then a few days straight of bullcrap..and I'll scream "what is WRONG with you?!!?!?!?!?!" and feel like ripping out my hair.

Anyway. I know Orion reads this when he calls me at night..so, here are a couple of pictures of me and Mr. T from today. The color may not be natural..but that stupid half curly..wavy thing is. Unfortunately.

O, come home. Please.

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Jenna said...

Boy oh boy, I feel your pain. I had that kind of a day today too...and yesterday, and the day before. Life is hard! I wish I was with you, helping you out. I can't believe you've been on your own for 100 whole days now! But I can't really say, "how time flies", because it hasn't, but you know what I mean. A milestone. Hope you're feeling better, sweetie. I love you.