Friday, May 04, 2007

Video time!!

One last thing before I crawl my old tired butt into bed. I told Orion about a small-ish video I did of the boys this morning. Nothing fancy..but Maddox has officially started to like...giggle when he's being tickled. So..I was trying to get him to do it on camera. Not so sure he was into it though..because I was torturing him all morning. Teehee. Oh, stop's just mommy loves! it is..and there's a lot of me saying "tooka tooka tookaaaa" while tickling him..because yes, ya'll..I am a nerd. No surprises..just puttin it out there.'s also like 4 minutes long..and some seconds too..but whateva. A glimpse into my mornings (before we all go downstairs)..if you will. more babbling! Orion, your little menions. They are love for you. *WE* made them, baby..aren't they precious?? LOVE!

Maddox and Calix morning cuties from xximojoangelxxi

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Hilary said...

*tear* awww they're just too cute! love them!