Friday, May 04, 2007

Food Glorious Food

So..I had some surprise dinner guests this evening. Guess who.

Grandma and grandpa. They called around 5..just as I was putting dinner into the oven (Try it)
and said they couldn't make it in to see me because they've been at the hospital all day. Well..I kind of figured as much ya know..what with being 5 hours late. And then about 5 minutes later the doorbell rang..and there they stood. I don't think I have to tell you I was confused. Grandma storms in like "I need strong coffee! Will you make me some??" "sure". So on went the pot and they started talking about how they were on their way home but grams decided she couldn't drive any further without some the visit. I asked if they'd like to stay for dinner..and she said no..they should probably just get on home. I asked if they were sure and then told her what I was making..and that it was already in the oven. She said "mmm..tempting. okay!"

So..horray!!! I had dinner guests! I love that because ya know..I make so much food and it all just seems to go to waste because there's no way I can eat an entire pan of lasagna. I'm not Garfield or anything. But wow! It was like the first time *ever* that grams said I was looking thinner. It totally caught me off-guard well as that entire side of the family means..they're all usually telling me to go work out and lose weight..but in a run around the issue kind of way. But not this time. She actually told me I looked good. It's almost like Orion told her I was saying those things..because we were just literally talking about that whole thing a couple of days ago. But..whatever. So..that was nice. As per usual..they gobbled up what I'd presented to them..went back for more..and kept telling me I outdid myself yet again..and blah blah blah..and then for dessert they had some of the cheesecake I made yesterday. Mmmhmm..they be lovin me.

And to think..if they hadn't stopped by..they would have just gone home and had soup for dinner cause grams was too tired to cook. Awww. It was nice to have the company..and I was just pleased to ya know..see them and feed them. I friggin love feeding people hahaha.

But fah reals..if you're a meat eater..try that recipe. It's actually pretty friggin tasty.

My next chubby dessert will be a Boston creme cake. Abby style.

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