Friday, May 11, 2007

Maddox Exposed

Mr. Maddox had a little photo shoot with me today. We took lots and lots of pictures..and these are mostly my favorites. I need Maddox pictures that are like..frame worthy..and I also tried to duplicate a shoot I did with Calix when he was around this some of you, it might look a little familiar hehehe

Now..most people get their pictures done professionally. Not me..nono..not us. I'm the one behind the camera at all times.

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YogaNana said...

Cute! But that's what we expected! :o)

I got your IM the other day but when trying to reply found myself unable to remember how to shift from the letters to the symbols and then the phone got exasperated and saved it to draft.
But it was appreciated anyway.

Are you still popping lightbulbs?