Saturday, May 12, 2007

I'm pleased to hear the divorce rate's gone down. Gives girls like me hope, ya know. Maybe people are starting to think a little more before jumping into marriage? Maybe they're actually finding someone who's right for them? Maybe they're all just getting so sick of divorce that they're starting to be determined to make it work. Use the resources out there, ya know? Maybe it's just that everyone's so sick of coming from broken homes. The whole situation always made me sad. Why do people get married if they just end up divorcing a couple of years down the road anyway (and what bothers me more..are the ones who don't even make it that far)?

Now..Orion already knows he's stuck with me..unless he cheats. Which won't happen because he's obsessed with me haha. Jokes. No..but we both come from broken homes..mine when I was 12..his after he graduated highschool. His parents did the..stay together for the kids thing..if mine did that, they'd still be stuck with one another. Not that they ever fought while we were growing understanding WHY they split was a bit confusing at first. But whatever.

Growing apart is one thing..but being destructive to the marriage is a totally different thing and I will not settle for that..ever. It's very very important for my husband and myself to keep it going. To not just stay together for the kids..but stay together because we WANT to. Because we have so much passion in *us*. And I know..I knowwwww we haven't been married very long at all..but we want to be. We need to be. I cannot, personally, imagine my life ever without Orion. And I can actually say he feels the exact same way. I see us together always..making one another laugh..and cuddling up on the couch every night after the kids are in bed (and when they're moved out..). I see us traveling around the world doing the whole Army life (I'm excited for this. Maybe all of the moving around we did in our teen years prepared us for this?). I see my children growing up..and then making me a grandmother (grandbabies!!! EEE!!!!). I see me and Orion dancing all the way up until the very end..embraced in one another's arms knowing that we did it. In a world where it's so easy to just let go..we held on.

*Note*: This was edited due to family censorship. It's hard to get into stuff without starting fights. And well..I just love.


Jenna said...

Careful there, Abs on the family accusations. You may be a bit biased too.

We all have the best of intentions when we get married. I remember Adam Staley and I sitting in a car one night after a marriage fireside at church and promising each other we would never get divorced. That we would do everything in our power to stay together and not fall victim to the statistics. Ah, yes. I hope you and Orion do better than we did. Even cheating doesn't have to be the end of things. Two committed people can do it. You guys can. Never take it for granted!

Amanda said...

"And they lived happily ever after" The End. It was a fairy tale you were telling right?

Jenna said...

Sweet girl, I wasn't upset. Just cautioning. After you've been married for a while you start to see that there is no ONE true side to anything in marriage, so never feel like you've got the corner on truth, especially about someone else's marriage. It's all perception of imperfect people doing the best they can. As far as our parents go, they loved each other fiercely, they both made mistakes, but none of us are counted among them. We were loved, and still are. The rest is so complicated and rich and heartbreaking and confusing, and really only theirs to understand. We just love them back and do the best we can to withhold judgement.