Friday, May 11, 2007

Day 82-ish

I must have a lot of energy running through me today because I'm popping lightbulbs left and right. The count so far this morning is 3. And wouldn't you know's the one time I don't have all sorts of spare lightbulbs sitting around. *nice*. I kept telling myself "self..remember to pick up some lightbulbs next time you're out" but self must be unreliable without a written list because ya lightbulbs. Hahaha. It's kinda funny, I think.

Also..nothing seems to get to me and make me weep more than stories of return soldiers and things of the such. I tend to laugh at myself for this..because it's like..if you want me to cry? Show me a story about a soldier who's been away from home for a long time and then is reunited with the ones who love him/her the most. I'm like "*whimper* O-E.." mostly because I'm a nerdy nerd.

So..good morning!

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