Sunday, May 13, 2007 hurts

I've had incredibly painful headaches for the past 2 days. And no, they don't go away with Tylenol, either. Lemme tell ya how much fun it is to have to hold onto my head while Calix is in mid scream. I'm also mighty nauseous. I dunno..I guess it's a migraine. I've never really had one before..but I've heard they're awful..and well, this is awful. Typing even hurts. Seriously. Shhh..quiet..slow typing is better.

I think my head may explode. Any suggestions as to what I can do to get rid of this thing? I mean..the kids are in bed so going to the store for anything is out of the question.

Maddox was taking a ride on my legs today (he friggin loves it) I took a couple of pictures with the phone:

Tiny bubbles...


Hilary said...

Brian says he thought those were your boobs at first haha

Abby said...

hahaa..oh my way! I soooooo don't have a rack like that hahaha