Friday, May 04, 2007

Day 75

I've had a splitting headache for the past 2 days. Like..a sinus headache (remember the cyst I have in my sinuses? It says hello.) times 1 thousand. Also? Calix's screams do not make it any better.

Grandma and grandpa were supposed to show up today around give me a small break and let me run to Walmart to get wipes and ricotta cheese (random, right? yeah..the 2 items I forgot..twice in a row.) and well, it's sign of them..and no phone call either. Kind of weird if you ask me..because they always..*always* call to at least let me know they've left the house. I don't guess I have to get Whiney Boy (he's wearing his Superman jammies..but there is nothing super about that kid today..I'll tell you what) dressed..and pack the boys into the car and uggghhhhhh trudge on out to the freaking store because when I say I'm out of wipes..I mean *out* of wipes.

I'm also so tired of the rain these past few days. Rainy days used to be good things. I used to be able to cuddle up under a a movie..or take a nap..but no. I have Calix the Screamer now..and well, he just wants to go out and play. And lemme tell ya.. I'm *THIS* close to opening the door and booting him out for a while. Seriously.



Jenna said...

Man, I WISH, I WISH you could pack up and come out here for a while to stay. My kids would take care of your kids (literally, you'd never see either one of them) and you could just hang out and relax. Why do you have to be so far away?! Since you're packing them up to go to Walmart, just keep on driving out here to Cali! It hardly ever rains here!

Abby said...

wouldn't that be nice? ah, another dream. hehehe