Thursday, May 10, 2007

Day 81

I know, I've been pretty bad at keeping up in here over the past few days. But really? Nothing much has been going on. Cooking, cleaning, playing with and looking after the kids..running whatever errands need to be run..and well, watching movies.

Netflix sent me Music and Lyrics (which is actually on pause right now), Because I Said So, and Catch and Release. The kinds of movies I like to kick back and watch on my own (okay..O's a sucker for girly movies, too. Don't tell him I told you. Hahahaha) and don't have to use my brain to watch..because ya' the end of the day, I'm so tired the last thing I want to use is my brain to WATCH A MOVIE! But're all pretty good. Ya per my standards.

Speaking of tired..have you ever been so exhausted that you're like fumbling with words all over the place while talking to someone on the phone (or in person)? Speaking to Orion is one of the easiest things for me..but this morning, I just could not get the words out. At all. I'm sure it all sounded like one huge jumbled mess..but that's only because I'M one huge jumbled mess. Man, it was so irritating!

Calix and I have been doing a bit of playing outside over the past few days (hey..if the sun's out and the ground's mostly dry? I try to make it out there with him)..mostly while Maddox is napping because it's easier to just focus on him during those times. Calix needs just mommy and him time every now and then..and I know I'm trying. Anyway, when we're usually out there, he'll mostly just sit near where I am and play with sticks or trucks or something..and it just frustrates me that hey kid, you're out here to burn off some energy..why don't you around or something? So..I chased him. Yeah. I'm sure it was a FABULOUS view for the neighbors to see a chubby thing like myself waddling after my 19 month old. But it's like..who cares? He's my child. I'm not going to just sit back and not chase after him because I'm worried someone's going to see a bit more jiggling than I'd like them to see, ya know? Besides, he was having a wonderful time hauling butt and screaming at the top of his lungs with mommy hot on his trail "I'm gonna get youuuu!!! Rarrrr!!!!!". He was tired and sweaty by the time we came back in ( cheeks!!) I feel accomplished in the "getting child to burn off energy because I don't know how much more I can take" field.

So..Orion's transferring over to Jalalabad (or as I say..Jalalalalalalalalabad. Kind of like can just keep on going if you'd like. More fun that way. hehe) next week. They have their good points and their bad we think. Good points being that they like..never get mortared. At least not NEARLY as often as Selerno (where he is now) does. I swear to seems like it's every other day..and has even happened while I've been on the phone with him. Lemme tell ya how good that one makes me feel. Bad points are that he probably (we think) won't be able to call and e-mail me as often (uhh..everyday)...and it's not nearly as..established as Selerno is (gym..I believe their PX sucks..if they even have's just smaller in general). So there's that. But hey..29 more days until he's on his way home to me and the boys for a couple of weeks..and that's something nice to look forward to.

One more thing. Does the girl down the street that JUST had a baby like..a week ago *ever* bring him/her inside? EVER??? Jeeze. So many issues with that girl..I don't even wanna get started. And yeaahhhh I know I don't know her or anything..but I feel like it's just wrong on many levels to be smoking in large groups not even 4 feet away from the kiddo.'s a BABY..not a doll. Bring it inside from time to time. Be a mother. And I'll say what Jenna was always telling me "I know it doesn't feel like you just had a baby..but you did". Take advantage of the fact that you have ALL kinds of people around you. Make them help you out. SIT DOWN..relax. Your husband's going back to Jalalabad in a few days..use him while you can. Not everyone around here (shout out to me) is as fortunate with the help as you are right now. Use it! Just sayin.

Back to the movie.

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