Monday, April 23, 2007

Day 64

I'm one big sweaty mess today. ALL day. I showered..sure. Of course, even. But I randomly decided to start like..spring cleaning. So I've been out closets and scrubbing all sorts of stuff and OMG..even dusting! *gasp* I feel like there's never enough time to get everything done..because well, there will always be the boys around to contend for my attention. So while I have a bit of time, I find myself scrambling around trying to get things done. I missed the bulk pick up today..because we *still* have those stupid..stupid glass table tops in a couple of closets and the other half of the computer desk that shattered (don't worry..the glass part of that one's long gone haha). Apparently Orion didn't get rid of it like I thought he did..because I opened up the closet under the stairs and BAM! There it is. So..I'll have those glass pieces floating around till I finally (hopefully) lug them all out to the end of the block next Sunday.

I still need to sweep and mop the entire house (minus the bathroom and kitchen..because I already did)..but I'm saving that till after Calix goes to bed in a few hours because please..that kid should just be named Calix the Destroyer. On the reals.

I also have to go re-pick up all of those effing books that he pulls off the shelf when mommy's not looking for a cool 2 minutes. Yeah..he's still in his crib for that move.

I *do* have pictures. I do. And my digital camera picture program thing has literally been open for 3 days with those pictures and I've slowly been re-sizing them when I have a few minutes. There are still quite a few to go through and trash or re-size or whatever..but look, my time is precious.

Hopefully, I'll get a few minutes to post those tonight..assuming Maddox sleeps through it instead of wanting to be awake and happy (which is also more than fine with me..because seeing that kiddo smile and coo is one of the greatest therapies ever).

Back to work, bitches.

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