Friday, April 13, 2007

Day 54

I'm not quite sure what's more embarrassing..the fact that the new foundation I'm using's color is called "alabaster" or the fact that I'm actually *that* white. And I mean..when they call it a "true match" yeah..they mean it. gosh. I'm WHITE!!! I long for a nice caramel color..but's just not in the cards for me, sadly.

So..I've pretty much had an adventurous couple of days. Yesterday started off sucky in that when I went to the furniture store here on post to buy a new washing machine..they told me yes, they delivered..but that it was a $400 minimum purchase to do so..and oh wait, also $50 for delivery. So I started welling up on the inside because DAMMIT!!!! Orion keeps telling me this is my post and everyone's here to help me and blah blah blah..and this isn't the first time I've just felt frustrated and lost (remember the ultrasound technician?)..but mostly helpless here while trying to do things on my own. So I said "but the thing is..I only need a washing machine..and my husband's in Afghanistan so even if I could fit that thing in my car, I have no one to help me hook it up or get rid of the old one...and that's what I need" and the guy basically told me..without telling me (he was still trying to sell me shit at this point and it's like I DON'T NEED IT) that they couldn't help me out. So I told him he might as well stop the stock boy from looking to see if they had the machine I wanted in stock..because now there's no point.

So I get to the car (and it's all sorts of *cold* and windy) with both of the boys..and I'm strapping them into their carseats..and I'm frustrated and totally on the verge of tears..and then they BOTH start crying..and I'm all "please don't cry right now..because mommy's about to start" and by that point, it was just too late. It was coming. The floodgates were opening. I drove away screaming and crying. Crying so hard that I had to take my sunglasses off because they were getting all foggy and well, I couldn't see where I was going. Screaming for both boys to just stop crying already. I looked in the backseat when Calix stopped and he was kinda looking at me and then pointed as if to ask if I'm okay..and then I cried harder because aww kid thinks I like..hate him now or something. Maddox was still in full blown scream I drove home..parked in my spot..and just cried. I sat in the car..and I cried. I was trying to calm myself down when Coretta came out to go somewhere and saw me. So..we talked for a little bit and Maddox had calmed down..but I was still a steamy hot mess. I wiped the majority of the mascara from my face..I sucked in my pride..and I went to Rent A Center. It was my only option.

After a lot of bullcrap that they tried to put me through..I finally got a machine for..a dollar less..and free delivery. I win.

Then later on, Coretta and Stella came over for a visit..and we talked and talked. Actually..I'm fairly sure I dominated the conversation..because I'm a brat like that. They're both super sweet and it's have I lived next door to both of these women for a year now..and not hung out with them?? Oh my gosh. I freakin adore Coretta. She totally puts up with me and my foul mouth and the things I tell her to tell her husband. Hahahaha. It's mostly how I roll. It was a good night for me though. I think they both left knowing way too much about me though. Whatever.

So this morning..I'm about to put my face on..and grams and grandpa are at the door. They came to watch the boys while I went grocery shopping. Lemme tell ya how *weird* it is for me to get out of the car and not have to open the backseat doors to fetch my children.'s mighty strange. So..I took advantage of it..and went to the PX too to pick up some things I needed to get..or..not really "needed"..but well, I own them now. Eh.

Did the grocery shopping..nothing too eventful happened there..except for the fact that all sorts of fruits and veggies jumped into my cart..and I totally let them stay. Came home..and *finally* got some food in me around 1..and then took Maddox and grandpa to the hospital (grandpa needed to fill a he rode along).

Maddox..2 month check up:

11 pounds..11 ounces (was called chubby by the doctor hahah)
21 1/2 inches long

still mighty cute

and OH! The bloodwork came back. There's no mental retardation. Eff yeah! But..I think we all knew that one all along. He got 3 shots..and was *not* happy about it at all.

The washing machine delivery guy was supposed to show up anywhere from 2-4..and well, 5pm rolled around and they never showed. So I called. Yeah..they somehow had a mis-communication or some bullcrap story and I never got put on the delivery the guy told me he'd load it up himself and bring it over. He did. And I told him..I said..if he weren't driving..I'd probably make him stay and drink with me. He laughed and said it was too bad for the driving thing. So..but anyway, he took the washing machine outside..even though they're soooo not supposed to do that or some crap..but when you look at someone with pouty eyes while holding an infant and tell them you're too weak and don't own a dolly and oh yeah, your husband's in Afghanistan..they kind of do things for you. That's right..I said it. He ended up bringing it out to the curb even though it has to go allll the way down the street for the Monday bulk I ended up yelling around to neighborhood menfolk..asking if they owned a dolly. One said no..the other said he had my back. I told him I loved him.

So..hmm hmm hmm. I think I might need to go to Old Navy or something tomorrow..because I totally need a pair of jeans..and well, I need to try them on because I have no idea what size I am anymore..though I do know it's double digits...and not a 10, either. Shaaammmeeee.

Now..shhh. I had 3 hours of sleep last night. I'm running on E here, people.

Oh..and hey. For those concerned about the issue. Yes, Orion's been extended 3 more months. It's just a matter of if they're tacking those 3 months onto when the first detachment left..or from when 2nd detachment left. could be anywhere from March - May of 08 till Orion comes home. Oh..jolly. Ugh.

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YogaNana said...

You know, some of my friends were asking if Bush's announcement meant Orion was going to have to stay longer, and I've been too busy to even notice Bush had 'made' any annoucement. So I was going to ask you. We're very sorry to hear it, of course.

OTOH, I'm very pleased that you're meeting (and liking) your neighbors. You can all be a lot of help and support for one another. Friends = Good.

Also glad you've got your washer. You do what you've gotta do. You know?