Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Day 52 - Weight Loss Anyone?'s come to my attention that you know you're losing weight when you can actually wrap a full towel around you and not have any skin showing.

That's right..I admitted it.

And I'll also say this has been the like..first time I've had my fridge full of fruits and veggies..and none of them have gone to waste. No throwing out rotting veggies for me this time around!

I'm trying to be more conscious about food choices now. I think it helped to have Jenna here to get me started on that kind of thing..because as embarrassing as this is to admit..I've never been very good at that whole thing. It's almost like no one's ever shown me how. And while I love and adore my mother and refuse to say anything bad about her ever..but growing up with that many siblings? Bad for you foods are just cheaper. It's a fact..and was just about a constant in our house. And while my mom eats all kinds of mostly healthy's kind of not how we were raised.**

Cinnamon rolls, Stella Doro's, doughnuts, cakes, cold cereals..were mostly what we had for breakfast. Cheap and easy..and I started to find myself feeding those types of things to Calix. It scared me, ya know? I don't want my kid to be afraid of veggies like a large number of my family members are. So..I've changed things around here. I'm trying to substitute things we'd normally eat..with a healthier version of the same thing. I've gone through my cupboards and thrown out lots of the crappy for you stuff..and when I go grocery shopping Friday morning (alone! Hells yes, Grandma!), I'm excited to see what I can come up with.

I say all of this..because it's nothing new to know I gained aproximately 80 pounds with both of the boys. 48 with Calix..roughly 30-ish with Maddox. I have no idea how much I've dropped so far since the birth of Maddox..but I'm finding that 2 more pairs of pants I used to wear before me again. I'm starting to get excited, ya know? But I also know I won't have anywhere near the same body I had before I had kids..until I do the tummy tuck. Golly knows when that's going to be..especially if there is a 3rd kid in the future.

So..I'll say it. Who wants to lose weight with me? Like..for reals. I find out how much I really weigh on the 17th (I know..I need to buy a scale) and can really start mapping it out from there.

I guess for now..until I really know for sure..I'll start it at what I *think* it's around-ish.

On a cute Calix note..he's been into dragging blankets around with him lately and curling up on the floor with them. He brought one of those blankets up onto the couch today where I was cuddling Maddox and he held his blanket out and said "mama bankit?" and was totally offering to share his blanket with me! My heart totally melted..and I smiled so hard at him.

Eeeehehehehe..I love my little man!

**I totally feel yucky for talking about my family. It's such a nono subject.


Hilary said...

me me me, I will lose weight with you!!! I have no excuse for gaining weight... I simply moved into Brian's parents' house, and since his mom cooks enough food for an army, I ate... and ate... and ate. Until I couldn't breathe lol. It was like Thanksgiving every night at their house. But it eventually caught up with me. And now... yeah, it sucks. Especially since I'm getting married in ya know, 5 months and all. So yeah, i'm totally going to do this with you! and I'm electing you team-leader too! lol

Jenna said...

So proud of you, Abby! Get out and walk for 30 minutes every day and that will really help you mentally, emotionally, and physically. And not all junk foods are cheaper! I think I disagree with that! You go, girl! Happy healthy eating to you! Let me know if you want some tips. Love you!

tamara said...

go abbo. im sure you have all the help you need with jenna, but if you ever want some healthy veg recipes, breakfast ideas, snack ideas, etc, let me know.

tamara said...

also, is orion one of the units who got a 3 month extension in afghanistan? supposedly almost every unit did both there and in iraq.. i thought of him right away and was like, nooooo.

Abby said...


About O..yes. As of now..we're probably looking at May of 08 till he comes home. I just found out this morning...and no, I'm not happy about it. Obviously.