Monday, April 09, 2007


Okay...super quick before Monday night tele on TLC starts.

Calix pulled Maddox off the couch this morning. My fault..of course. Everything around here seems to be my I'll just take the blame and slap it right on my face just in case. So..I was in the kitchen making Calix breakfast..Maddox was on the couch hanging out. All of a sudden? I heard this huge slap of and bones on the floor. A teeny baby falling type sound. Oh crap. I hopped over the gate just as Maddox started SCREAMING..and then I went off with a scream that can only be described as terrifying. "CALIX!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and I ran over and spanked him. That's heard me. I spanked him..but he was already crying because the kid totally knew he was in the wrong. He let go of Maddox's hand and like ran away while I picked the kiddo up and stroked his head..cuddled him..looked for blood and bumps..and any sign that I would need to bring him to the hospital. There were none.

Oh yeah..I think it's obvious by now..but our entire house? Is hardwood floors. So little Maddox should have been super hurt. the time I'd gotten him calmed down, I pulled him away from my body to look at his face. A frown spread...clearly unhappy with life. My poor little guy!

And I'm also aware that like..Britney Spears didn't know anything was really wrong with her oldest the time he fell from his highchair until a few days later. So..I'm keeping an eye out for watery eyes..and like..a sweet smelling liquid from his ears and nose that would suggest something's wrong.

So..that sucked.

It also took till about 3 to get both boys ready (that seems to be about the timeframe for going somewhere around here)..and out to the door to pick up..milk. Yup. Milk. All of that for a lousy gallon of MILK! And then I wasn't about to go straight home after that short I stopped at the furniture mall thingy here on post to see how much a new washing machine goes for there..and if they deliver. Delivery is a big issue with me..obviously. Oh..and they'd need to hook it up for me..oh oh..and get rid of the old one because I am a weak..weak girl who doesn't own a dolly anymore and cannot drag it down the street for pick up on my own. Can you see that though? Hahaha..what a riot!

So..yes..$245 for a new tax because ya's the army..and yes, they deliver. I didn't stop to ask if they hook it up for you..but I'm sure they do..and if they don't normally..I'll have to ask/beg them to. I didn't stop to ask because well, I forgot the big was carrying the carseat..and Calix at the same time. Calix decided he didn't want to grip onto me at I was carrying this limp and tired toddler. Good times.

Other than that..I pretty much didn't get anything done around here. Hurricane Calix has gone through the house yet again..and I'm left to clean up the mess.

Everyone sigh with me and let's repeat that they don't stay this young and torturous forever.

Okay.,. I have 2 minutes to pick up some toys before Little People Big World starts. haha

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