Thursday, March 22, 2007

Uggghhhhh Zombie Abby..raaarrrrrrr!

Dude..I'm so like..not here most of the time anymore. I'm kind of just on auto-pilot I guess. Thank golly gosh for my husband who wrote and reminded me that we do have maintenence guys! Holy crap! And to think I was actually considering taking the broom handle or something to get it out of the smalllll cupboard and like..then sweep it up. But no! I don't even have to touch the thing! Mwahahahaa. I'll also need to ask them to respray the house or do whatever they do..because I've said it many times before..and I'll continue to say it: I'm not a fan of bugs. AT ALL.

However, I do think I need to open the cupboard one more time to make sure it's still there and wasn't just crapping its pants at the sight (and sound!) of me. Have to make sure the thing's dead..otherwise I'll need to call maintenence for something different than removing a mouse corpse.

Anyway, I'm up all kinds of early to ensure I have enough time to get some coffee in my system...make up on my face (yo..I'm scary without it haha)..butts wiped, tummies filled, butts wiped again, everyone dressed loaded into the car to make it to the hospital by 8:15 with the suggested 15 minute cushion (though if you ask me? who wants to wait 15 minutes when you can fly in like a bat out of hell all disheveled with enough time to tell them you're there and be seen right away?).

As you can assume by me having to drag the little fellas to the hospital..the call from primary care clinic 1 was to let me know I should schedule an appointment to retake the newborn screening. Ya case I didn't get those 2 letters. Yu huh.

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