Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bugville. Population: 0

Oh good golly. Being a mom to boys is really starting to like..*happen*. I feel many..many years of torture coming on.

So today? Was a total rodent/bug day. Calix somehow smuggled a piece of his lunch from yesterday into..I don't even know..but when I went to put Maddox down on the round chair for a npa this morning, I saw an ant. ant. Whatever. I killed it. Then I see another. And another. I look under the chair? A friggin like..swarm of ants! EVERYWHERE! Covering half of a chicken and cheese taquito and bringing their little treasures back to where they came from. I grabbed some cleaner and sprayed them all. That's right..I'm a total ant murderer. Whatever.. I don't care. If I went into their house I'd expect them to kill me too. Then re-swept the entire downstairs and mopped all over again JUST IN CASE there was a little something left that they desired.

I already wrote about the mouse thing..and NO, I will *not* touch it! You sickos! Cramer told me to ask one of the neighborhood guys to get rid of it..but like..I don't know them. I'm not going to randomly be all " husband's deployed...and I have a situation. you remove this dead mouse from this cupboard?" Yeah friggin right.

Then? After dinner? Calix went and grabbed one of the shirts aunt Cindy bought for him..and brought it over to me. I went to put it on him..cause ya know..I figured that's what he wanted me to do. A HUGE (and by huge? I mean like nickel sized) black spider dropped into my lap. I dropped the shirt, brushed it off my lap..and screamed all high pitched while doing this. I'm *not* a fan of anything creepy crawly! Then? Calix starts mimicking my scream and cracked up after each scream. That's so not funny. Anyway, I saw it trying to make its getaway on the floor..and killed it.

I know..mass murders going on here today..lookout!

In any case.. I have a super sore throat from all of the screaming I've done today.

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