Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A no good very bad day

I have a feeling today's going to super suck. Mostly because it already does. I kid you not when I say Maddox was up all night crying. ALL. NIGHT. Therefore...mommy was also up all night.. also crying. Calix won't let me change his freaking diaper. I tried to get him to take a nap..and about 30 minutes in, he rolled over the remote to his mobile (he thinks it's a toy..so it goes everywhere with him)..turning said mobile on..and waking him up.
I've so far managed to get a total of 4 whole minutes of sleep. Four minutes because while Calix was "napping" and mommy thought it was safe to close her eyes..Maddox started complaining again. I think he might be sick. Couldn't tell ya what with..but like..fah reals.

Ugh..Calix PLEASE let mommy change your diaper! I so don't want to deal with diaper rash right now.

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Amanda said...

poor Abby I know how it feels to get no sleep. Hang in there hopefully your day will get better. And I'll be coming out before you know it! Love ya!