Monday, March 19, 2007

Lovely's this for nice?

Okay, Orion's aunt Cindy and his grandma came over to visit with me a bit today. I friggin adore Cindy..she's such a sweetheart! Anyway, she was all "did you hear about what happened last time Kathy and I visited you?" "nu uh..what happened? Is it bad?" She said when they were traveling back to Florida..they stopped off and stayed with Orion's dad (Cindy and Kathy's brother) and his wife Linsey before they moved to Argentina. They'd mentioned how they'd just had a visit with me and were talking about how much they adored me and all of that..and well, Linsey got so angry. So angry that she kicked them out of the house. No joke.
Cindy had Kathy's keys..and well, was on an Kathy was screwed..and she had her kids with her, too. I was like "oh my gosh! I feel so bad!!" I just don't understand why she doesn't like me, ya know? Just because I didn't follow her out when Sophia (daughter) was acting up? Just because I didn't focus all of my attention on her and the fact that she's a new member in the family? HI! Hello! I was brand spanking new to the Delgado family at this point. How about you try to get to know me too instead of focusing just on yourself, Linsey? I thought we had all sorts of time to get to know one another..seeings as she's only a few years older than me. I had all of these fantasies about us bringing the babies around to all of these places in Denver..because I thought for sure she liked me. Nu uh. I offended her something mighty because the lunch conversation wasn't focused just around her. Whatever.
Grandma just heard about this, too..and she's angry as well because HI! David (O's dad)..those are your SISTERS! He didn't have the balls to stand up to his new wife though...and said there was nothing he could do about it. Right. Whatever.

It's just weird, man. I was like "hmm..I wonder if Linsey knows I still talk to Orion's dad. We do e-mail back and forth..and I do send him pictures..and hmm.. I wonder if she knows he sent Calix a bit of money after he found out he'd been born? Probably not." She would *not* be happy if she knew.

Also? Cindy asked her if she was maybe thinking about having anymore kids..and Linsey freaked out and said it was awful on her and that she never wanted to go through it again...and that being a mother is not easy for her and blah blah blah. Spazzed out over a simple question. What a weirdo!

Anyway.. Cindy's moving out here and into grandma's old house this it'll be all sorts of nice to have her around. She said she can't wait to get to know me and the kids better and all of that. Love her!

She also asked how I met Orion. "At my house" I replied. It totally threw her I went into the whole story and she was just like " about fate!". Yeah..I know.

Hehehe.. I get twinkly eyed when I think about Orion. He's just that awesome. MINE! Rawr!!!


tamara said...

yo any news about maddox?

Abby said...


The only news on Maddox is that his appointment to re-do bloodwork is Thursday morning..bright and early. Other than that..he's mostly just cute.