Wednesday, March 21, 2007

my kind of list

  • Schedule your freaking 6-8 week appointment already, woman!
  • Gather up O's new debit card, the left behind long sleeved PT shirt and jacket, and a box of girl scout cookies.
  • Mail said items off to Orion while keeping a firm grip on Calix's chubby hand and Maddox strapped to my chest.
  • Swear to not ship anything else to him for at least a few more weeks.
  • No matter how badly the guys out there want me to send them chewy chocolate chunk peanut butter cookies.
  • And banana bread.
  • Because fah reals..that's just annoying.
  • Pick up milk for Calix..probably from the shopette.
  • There's less lugging involved that way.

  • Get home and curse self for not remembering to ship Cramer's day planner to her.
  • For forgetting to pick up a disposable camera for Orion.
  • Whatever..they have disposable cameras in Afghanistan.
  • Tell him he can get one there.

  • Call primary care clinic 1 to see what they wanted
  • Please oh please disconnect the freaking home phone so you don't end up with another super high bill for nothing again.
  • Get internet from the cable company instead.
  • Maybe I should get internet from cable company firt before I disconnect the landline.
  • Wouldn't want to be without precious internet for any length of time.
  • Mmm..Windows browsing.
  • Yes..I totally just decided that's what I'm going to call window shopping on the internet.
  • Do you get it?
  •, it's funny.
  • Watch Babel finally..and then send it back to Netflix
  • Punch the guy who sent me the wrong size (by half a size..and it's not AWFUL..but if I pay for something..I'd like it to fit correctly.) in those darling shoes.
  • Punch him again for not returning my e-mails about exchanging them.
  • Feed the boys
  • Change their diapers
  • Repeat.

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Friglet said...

That list sounds awful familiar to me!