Sunday, March 18, 2007

Day 28..holy crap! it's been a month!

I kind of don't really have anything super special to talk about. Not even complain about. Hmm. Just one of those days, I guess. I'll bet if I keep typing I'll come up with something to talk about. I just about always do.

I was watching Headline News this morning..which is something I've rarely done the entire time Orion's been gone and I wonder why. I guess Regis and Kelly just entertain me more in the morning..and after my nights I need a little entertainment. Anyway, they had this story about perhaps looking into genetics to find the homosexuality gene in fetuses (ah, so they're perhaps finally admitting it's something you're born with and not just a silly excuse anymore!)..and then if you had the "opportunity" to change that in your baby..would you? Absolutely not. I think it's ridiculous to even mess with things like that, ya know? You are who you are for a reason.

Then there was also a story about how I guess some..13..14 (?) year old was sleeping with his 30 year old teacher..and teacher's husband is being charged with killing the kid. Really? You feel THAT threatened by a child? You could have just divorced her, man..but now? Hey..welcome to prison. Smart choice.

I'm also fairly interested in this. Just think it's neat.

So hmm. Orion's aunt Cindy's in town (she might end up buying grandma and grandpa's other house) they're all stopping by to see the kiddies in the morning. I think it's funny that the last time I saw Cindy was about this time last year..and hey, Orion was in Virginia for a few months at that point, too. Wonder how much longer it'll be till she can see him again..haha. I kinda like..the boobie prize in all of this. "No..Orion's not here..oo oo..but hey! I AM! Oh oh!! And I have KIDS! Yes! Kidsssss! Want to see them??"

Grandpa's been aching to get out here for the last few weeks anyway. He had a massive heart aneurism (a few, actually) while trying to stand up from a prostate surgery about 4 weeks ago. It was so bad that the doctors were actually afraid to do surgery on him because they'd never seen anything that massive before..but were finally just like "well, we either operate and are successful..or we operate and are able to say we tried". He just got out of rehab from the whole ordeal 3 days ago. He calls me an awful lot. Just gets lonely, I guess. He misses the babies and wishes he could be here to play around with them. But I mean..the man has to take it easy now... he's no longer allowed to drive, either. He has another surgery in about 4 weeks..but it won't be nearly as major as the last one was.

On a brighter favorite Ben & Jerry's is Karamel Sutra. I love it and it loves my hips...and thighs..okay, my tummy and my butt, too. *sigh*

Calix has totally been eating like everything I've been putting on his tray lately. Ya know..after the whole picky eater crap he's been doing..I was starting to believe the kid would have to survive on peanut butter and jelly. I even bought him natural peanut butter and sugar free blackberry jam to put on wheat bread because of it, ya know? But he totally eats just about everything..and he wants everyone to know that he feels pineapple slices are probably the greatest thing to ever happen to him. Those and Chinese because please, don't get between him and his fried rice, sesame chicken, mongolian beef, and his egg rolls. He'll mess ya up. Fah reals. It feels good to not have to pace around the kitchen trying to figure out what this kid will eat on any given day anymore. Give it to him. He'll at least try it..especially if you're eating the same thing.

So um.. here's a picture or three:

I knowwwwww, I have a crapload of work to do on my body..but I mean hey. It is what it is for now.

he was sleeping and making sweet little faces. Aww look..he's all puckered up for ya! hehe

And we *do* still try..though it's just about worthless.

I told you I'd find things to say.

SO. How are you doing?


Jenna said...

Hey girl! Did David forward you the intinerary? I'm coming! Yep! March 30, for a week! Yahoo! Hang in there, sis!

And KEEP trying with the nursing thing. I've dried up before and gotten milk back. Nursing makes babies happy! You're doing great.

YogaNana said...

Yep, it's been a month! One down, nine to go! Not counting the visit this summer?

And David tells me Jenna is coming for a week or so?

Abby said...

Haven't gotten the itinerary yet..I'm sure he's just been mighty busy and will send it when he gets the chance. Yay for Jenna visiting!! *dance*

YogaNana said...

Yeah, David's about to have a new roommate :o) so things are a little hectic around the house.