Saturday, April 03, 2010


I'm one of those people that when my interest is sparked..I go in full force. If I'm in? I'm in all the way (which is probably part of the reason why loyalty is so important to me. But that's another issue for another time haha). My new interest? Saving money. Buying a lot..paying very little for it. Funny how I wasn't into this when we needed it the most (our poor days)! Anyway, so I've been following The Grocery Game's message boards and everyone put up their April grocery budgets..and because I'm still very new at monthly budget is still the same as usual. Orion made me a spending and saving spreadsheet (gotta involve the man! He's SO into this you have no idea! Makes it so much easier!) and every time I go out shopping, I write in how much I've spent and next to it, how much I've saved. Last month, we saved $526.68! Granted, we spent that other places..but it was still nice to see that huge number for only participating for a couple of weeks!

So far, this weekend, we've saved $221.89..hooray!

I made a trip to Walgreens that looked like this:

Total spent (OOP..Out of Pocket..): $53.73

Total saved: $54.19 PLUS we got back $11 in RR (register rewards for those new to Walgreens) so that's like saving $65.19!

Sweet, right? I mean that Clean and Clear blackhead eraser thing is usually around $21 by itself but by me going to Clean and Clear's website and printing out a $5 coupon for that same item and then seeing it on sale for $9.99, I only ended up paying $4.99 for a $21 product! Sweet!

Yesterday, we tried out the Hickam AFB commissary because we drove by the Pearl Harbor commy and it was super crowded. I'm not into crowds..they give me anxiety. This was my first time in the Hickam commy..and ya know? I think I like it more than the Pearl Harbor commy. It seems like the frozen foods section is SO much bigger and has a way larger variety than the one closer to us has and ya know? The shelves aren't all End of the World Bare like the Pearl Harbor commissary's are. So..I think that's where we'll be going from now on.

I ended up using 60 coupons in the commy..thank goodness I had such a sweetheart of a woman checking me out! Something I wish the commissaries did that other stores do is include your in-store savings on your receipt along with your coupon savings. The larger numbers make me feel better!

Total OOP: $126.91

Coupon savings: $56.20

My cart was overflowing and my freezers are both I KNOW we would have spent way more than $183.11 but ya know..awesome deals paired with coupons?! Our cashier was sweet as can be (which is hard to come by in the coupon world..seriously. They tend to sigh like you're a huge inconvenience to their lives. Whatever. I'm saving money..and I'm actually making you guys money by even using coupons. You're welcome.) and even told me to keep up the good work when we were done!

It's been a good weekend so far and it's not over yet! The Easter Bunny hops tonight!


Jen G-son said...

I only go to the pearl harbor commy in dire circumstances now. The Hickem Comm is very rarely crowded and I feel it's even cheaper lol

Ouijigirl said...

hi abby
i really admire the fact that you are working hard and really caring to save some money maybe to be used for a more satisfying or fun event other than the day to day needs.

I wish we had these coupon deals here in Egypt...

Stay confident and keep up the good work!

The Independent Rage said...

This week Walgreens has canned mushrooms on special for 50 cents (with in-store coupon, limit 4). Never pay more than 59 cents for a can of mushrooms -- and even that's too much for my tastes.

YogaNana said...

And now you've got the stores paying you!

akshayxpear said...

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joven said...

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Rebekah said...

I enjoy your blog. Did you make that coupon binder or buy it. I am considering getting into couponing.
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