Thursday, April 16, 2009

And the moral is...take care of you!

I sing when I'm on the treadmill. Did you know that? I also break out in dance while on there, too. I can't help it..the music moves me to move. I don't think my neighbors appreciate me being with things like Linkin Park and The Used or ya know.. a little Britney Spears at such early hours. But look, it makes me happy and I'm exercising my lungs and stretching my voice while I'm working my body. A thrill. Try it!

I've noticed something about how I've been rewarding my body recently. I've always been the mom who jumps out of bed and fetches her children when they make small squeaks in the morning. Always. The kind of mom who walks sleepy eyed to the kitchen to prepare breakfast and change diapers and start the day before even going to the bathroom most mornings. Which, as you've probably guessed, means I would go a few hours (and let's be honest..sometimes until bedtime..grody!) without even brushing my teeth. I've changed all of that with some nudging from the husband. I don't HAVE to run right to the babies when they wake up at ridiculous hours! I can take a few minutes for myself in the mornings. Why didn't I ever consider this before?

For the last few weeks, I've been up BEFORE the babies and showered and dressed with teeth brushed and body lotioned and perfume sprayed. When I leave my bedroom, they've been up for a little while..but they're just talking to one another and it's not a big deal. It feels so good to not neglect myself anymore, ya know? And I've found that when I do get up and take care of myself first..I'm much more likely to do everything else throughout the day. Cooking, cleaning, working out, reading, playing with the babies, time for hobbies. When I take care of myself first, I'm a better mom. I'm a better wife. I'm the best version of me yet. I can't even tell you the time before recently that I would stop Orion before he would leave for the day to make out with him. I wasn't fresh and didn't feel attractive. And not that he's ever cared about such things because he loves me all day everyday regardless of what I look or smell like..but I cared. I cared and didn't want to be touched and would find myself blushing when he even looked at me when I was feeling haggard. No, honey..don't look at me like this! You're not supposed to see me looking so frump-a-dump! So now? When I get up in the morning and do my thing and I get on the treadmill and I sweat like no other..I feel good. It starts my day off just right.

Then I pushed him into the wall and we made out ferociously..smacked his butt and sent him off to work. A huge smile plastered on his face. Have a lovely day!

The end.

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Jenna Consolo said...

So true! And a valuable lesson for every mom to learn. You must carve out ME time, no matter what. And it also teaches your children to respect you more because YOU respect you. Good for you, Abs. I love hearing you so happy.

Love you!