Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Sigh. And yawn. Mostly yawn though. This girl is tiiirreeddd!

For dinner tonight I made Fry Bread Tacos from Blogchef:

They totally hit the spot tonight..been a while since we've had tacos and the added spin on them made them that much yummier.

So after dinner, the man says he thinks he'll take the new bike out for a spin. That doesn't seem like a good idea, the little wife voiced. He wanted to celebrate getting his license and insurance today. The roads are damp from the rain, said the wife. I think I'm going to just go take a spin around the block, he said. And shortly after he pulled away from the house, the wife got sick. After spending time in the bathroom, she paced around the house asking if dad was home yet. Where is he? A quick ride around the block does not take this long! She started to worry but didn't want to call him in case it made him crash or something. She thought the police were going to be knocking on her door at any minute.

And then she got a text message from the husband. The police pulled him over, he said. He didn't have the registration on him..could she drive it down to him? He's pretty far away from the house. Of course he is. Of course he got pulled over..of course. Wife doesn't randomly get sick out of nowhere for no reason. So she abandoned the messy kitchen..held off on changing the baby's diaper..and loaded the children up into the van. No make up. No sunglasses. No underwear. Great. Total class, this one.

When I pulled up, this is what I saw:

Yeah. Crappy pictures from the phone.

The registration is like..expired by a year. Orion thought that maybe there was ya know..maybe a few days or something from the time you buy it until you really get in trouble for that sort of thing..I don't know. Clearly, that is not the case. That and yeah, he bought insurance on it today..but guess what? It doesn't go into effect until tomorrow. Of course it doesn't.

Lucky dog was given a break. Could have had 3 tickets..was spared. SSG Johns lives right behind where he got pulled over at..so he had to walk up the hill and help Orion walk the bike down to his house because no, he cannot drive it back home until tomorrow. Well, he COULD..but the cop said he would just have to write him up a ticket. Gotta keep his bases covered or something..and I say no, thank you to a ticket. Thanks..but no thanks.

I couldn't figure out why there are cops EVERYWHERE tonight. Orion didn't stand a chance! Crawlin like roaches in Pearl City, man. Cops in cars, cops on bikes, cops on feet..oh how many cops there are! And then I looked at the calendar and was all "oh yeah..it's 4-20. That's why they're out."

He was my model during lunch haha..I was playing with the camera and the kids were getting sick of the whole thing.

See? He was bored. Also? This is how I feel right about now. That whole..ugggghhhhh feeling.


Saint Holiday said...

Should have listened to the Ancient of Weeks. He knows.

Jenna Consolo said...

This is why you should always wear underwear.

Abby said...

He should have listened to his darling wife. But hey, what's done is done and he's learned his lesson. It's hard when the excitement of a new toy takes over, ya know? I'm just glad he's okay and that it WASN'T something bigger. I'll gladly pay tickets (if there is one) if it means that man is okay. Trust that nothing scares me more.

Abby said...

I usually do wear underpants when I leave the house..but I was ya know, wearing one of those really long maxi dresses and no one could tell and blah blah blah. I think it's funny.