Sunday, April 19, 2009


I'm into cooking blogs and other various recipe sites. That's no secret. A few days ago, Tam introduced me to Fatfree Vegan Kitchen. In this house, we're in the middle of vegetarians and meat eaters. I think a lot of people are, really. But if I can get away with using a substitute meat over a real cut..I will. The meat department of grocery stores still grosses me out and it's really hard for me to even deal with raw meat. I'll go in with the idea of a recipe I saw online somewhere..but when it comes to actually picking the cut of meat out and blah blah's hard.

Did you know my New Year's resolution this year was to start feeding my family better? More grains and greens and general goodness. Well, that was the idea anyway. It hasn't gone exactly that way (but honestly, whose resolution does?)..but it's better than it was. I'm working on it much like I'm working on a lot of things in my life.

Anyway, so when Tam gave me this link I searched out all of these recipes and AHHH!! Yum! I don't like tofu..but there's a lot on there that I DO like..and a lot of recipes I have in mind for future cookings/bakings. I'm excited. Tonight, I baked up some Coconut Chai Breakfast Cake for breakfast in the morning.

The cast:

Don't make fun of my massive bag of baking soda!

The end result:

Ohhh mmm yum!

Secretly? Orion and I split a piece to try it out..and it is absolutely divine. If anything? Make it just so you can enjoy the smells of everything. Ugh, I love it.

Later on this week I have plans to make Cherry Pie Oats for breakfast. Yum yum yum! And the recipes from Smitten Kitchen are out of control and I'm more than a little excited to try making Best Challah, I have to say.

Oh, recipe sharing is the greatest!


Saint Holiday said...

Have I mentioned overnight delivery from Hawaii to Show Low? It probably wouldn't cost you much at all, and that way, the Dad could participate in quality control and consumer evaluation. If you lived closer, you might drive your productions on over to the Monasterio de Santo Holiday, which is probably what the lovely and talented Hannah Bee is thinking of doing. I offer my services. My palate awaits. My taste buds are at the ready position. Plus, I love you.

Jenna Consolo said...

Looks delish, Abs!

tamara said...

mmmmm. im glad you like FFVK. i'm obsessed with it-- i think i've made all of her eggplant and stir fry dishes.

i want to try that steel cut oats one!! i've never had steel cut oats but it looks fun. i'm impressed that you've already made two of her recipes; i always want to but rarely get around to it.