Monday, March 09, 2009

No cool title

All of last week, Orion was taking motorcycle safety classes. After he got to ride one was a sure thing. The getting a motorcycle. I'm not super pleased about it because of the death..major injury issues. But I've been trying to talk him out of it for going on 5 years now and it seems my judgement has been highly outweighed by want and general stubbornness. Sigh. Part of me tells him "I'm *never* getting on that with you" and then the romantic part of me is all "but we could go on dates on it..reoww" (we haven't gone on a single date the entire year he's been home..but I'm still hopeful). I know he's the kind of guy that likes to check stuff off his imaginary list of things he's done and I appreciate that about him and part of me wishes I had half the list that he does. I can't keep him from growing..and just because I'm kind of drifting through life, doesn't mean he should. After realizing that is when I gave in. Okayyyy..go ahead. But please? Be careful.

So Target finally opened up 2 stores on the island yesterday. FINALLY. And one of them? Is a block down from us. Oh yes it is! I'm like..I could TOTALLY walk there ALL THE TIME! Wooo!!!!!! So we went..and let me tell you..we were not the only ones excited about their opening. We had to circle the place 3 times..with cops directing traffic and everything..before we finally got a place in the parking garage. I was shaking I was so excited! I tried to take pictures but when I pulled my camera out, the battery was depleted. Booo. But trust when I say it's an awesome store. The coolest Target I've ever seen. Ever. We went through every aisle..and found a new bookcase and a shoe rack (the baby stuff these days is out of control. I love it!). We still need to go back and get another bookcase (when we moved from the other house..the other bookcases basically crumbled and Orion tried to nail them all back together but it was ghetto. It was totally ghetto and also didn't match anything anymore. A new set was badly needed)..but the spending plan only allowed $70 in household things this week. Perhaps next time.

Also..trying to find a coffee table. Not sure of the color though and that's what's keeping us back. The bookcases are black and so is the new tv stand..but I don't really want a black coffee table if I can help it. I'd rather have a popable color. I was going for red..but it might be too eye-catching in there and I don't really want people coming into my house and only being able to look at the coffee table. Maybe a muted yellow? White would be too extreme. Ahh! I don't know! Also..I still really want that lantern print from Etsy. Ugh, I just keep picturing it on my wall. Looking lovely. Tying everything together. Sigh.

Saturday after dinner..we had s'mores. This sums up how Maddox feels about them:

Yesss!!! Chocolate!!!! (Dear Maddox, you look like your mother. You're welcome and also sorry. Love, Mom)

It's so delicious!!!

No! No more! Uggghhhhhh

Hahahahaha! Calix felt the same way. A couple of bites and it was just too much sweetness for them. Poor guys!


Hannah said...

I just adore Target. I could wander around there for hours. There's been many times where I told mike I was just going for one little thing and he'll call me 2 hours later like "umm where are you?" Hahaha!

Sorry, I'm no help with the furniture. LIke I told you, I'm not good with decorating. But hey, I finally hung up a decoration in my bathroom. It only took 3 1/2 years!

LB said...

The Motorcycle thing will be cool..I've had mine for 3 years now and love it! As long as he respects it and is careful, he'll be fine. And by all means, do go for a ride with him, you'll love it.

YogaNana said...

Your old mother used to ride on the back of motorcycles ... it's a ton of fun. But I'm very glad to hear about the safety course.

I know you were looking forward to the Target, so I'm happy they finally opened. Sounds like a *lot* of people are happy! They have everything!

S'mores work around a campfire with scary stories and campfire songs, but otherwise -- yeah, maybe overly sweet. It's good that the boys recognize that. You're teaching them better food habits than I taught you guys.