Saturday, March 07, 2009

Mmmmmmhmmmmmm (that's said with ghetto attitude)

I feel like laughing. Remember a couple of weeks ago when I said Orion took out more life insurance on me? We got the letter in the mail today.

It says:

Dear Mrs. Delgado,

We've reviewed your application for Level Term Series V coverage, as outlined below, and regret that we can't provide coverage due to your DRUG USE and Neurologic history. If you received any correspondence prior to this letter that you interpret as coverage, please disregard it. You do not have coverage.

Although we are unable to issue you coverage at this time, we would be happy to reconsider a new application in two years.

Thank you,

USAA Life Insurance Company.

I feel like shaking the stuff out of this letter. Because I dabbled with drugs YEARS ago (and for a couple of months!) and because I have HEADACHES I'm not approved? You took my blood and pee! You KNOW I'm clean! Do you want a hair sample? Take it! Look at how far back the cleanliness goes!

Whatever. Risk..I get it. I do..I get it. But holy crap. Kick a girl while she's down because she admits to you that no, I'm not perfect.

Anyway. So I've been all supa dupa depressed lately..which is why there have been no posts. I start them..but never finish or post them. I just don't feel like it. Orion's noticed a huge change in me lately..and we had it out about that today..and there were tears. Lots of them. The ones that have been on the ready for weeks now. They finally spilled. So. Anyway. I'm attempting to make dinner for the first time in about a week. That's how much I just don't feel like myself. It's bad. When I start feeling better, I need to get the courage to go talk to my doctor because it's not fair to everyone who depends on me when I get all down and don't want to do *anything*. So. There's that. That's where I am today.

And I know this isn't the most positive post ever..but I do wish Rylie a very happy birthday! Double digits!


Mindy said...

Aw honey. I am sorry that you feel this bad right now. Could it be hormones?
You are a good and honest person, you know? If you had lied to the life insurance people you probably would have that policy, but you were honest. I'm proud of you that you did the right thing, but it sucks that they can't see that.
Talk to your doctor. You don't have to wait until you feel better, just call them. I remember about 2 weeks after my kiddo was born. The dr. called to see how I was doing. I was so shocked that someone asked about me, that started crying and blubbering and kind of fell apart. It was nothing major, just that we'd been through so much with the pregnancy and his birth and at that time, he still was in NICU. I just needed to know that he was going to be alright. The dr. knew what to do, and yes... everything was all right. It just took some time.
Call and talk to them. You're going to be ok too.
For the meantime, go outside and watch the sunrise or sunset with your family. It's about the most beautiful thing you can see...
Hugs to you!

YogaNana said...

That Mindy is a wise woman. Everything she said, and lots of love and support from us.

Jenna Consolo said...

Abby, I've been wondering where you were. I'm sorry about the rejection. I hate rejection of any kind, but I'm growing more used to it. At least it's only for 2 years! And you're not going anywhere in 2 years, so we're all safe. Besides, you know where you're at NOW in your life, and that's the important thing, not your past. Love you.