Saturday, February 07, 2009


Saturdays are Orion's mornings for breakfast (Usually so I can sleep in.. but I woke up with the sunshine on my face this morning. Warm and delicious.) but when I saw him pull out the Bisquick I said "Wait. No. Use a real recipe" (it's becoming super rare to use Bisquick for pancakes and waffles these days what with all of the beautiful choices I get from recipe sites and blogs) and remembered Jenna recently posted her recipe for waffles on her blog. I dug through and pulled it up and then when I got to the part about separating the yolks from the whites and then beating the whites, I had to take over because O's still new to cooking and that's still just a little too advanced for him. He'll get there..but people in this house are hungry *now*.

It somehow turned into me making everything. Hmm. I'll get him tomorrow! And how cute is it that Jenna called while I was using her recipe?? Darling!

You can find the recipe for the waffles (and also her pancakes and stuffed French toast) here.

They're pretty tasty..though I'll probably add cinnamon to them next time. It's for sure a good recipe and one you can play around with too..and I like that sort of thing.

Pull up a chair and have some breakfast with us:

The drink is just some ice, orange juice, and chunks of mango blended in the blender. It's also delicious.


Hannah said...

Mmmm Yes! That was the very first recipe I got from Jenna. When I lived with her, she would make those for us and they were just heavenly. I moved out of her house and in with Mike and had to have that recipe. It's still in my file under the name "Jenna's Yummy Waffles"

Love the strawberries and whipped cream! Those could be a dessert!!

Jenna Consolo said...

Glad you liked them! My waffle iron broke so I haven't made them in over a year and I miss them!

It was fun to hear your voice this morning! Love you!