Thursday, February 05, 2009

Now I have to go find Mater's tow cable because a small almost 2 year old is very upset

You know what doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me? Trader Joe's website is all decked out in aloha spirit..but they don't even have any stores here. Hmm. Interesting. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me..but interesting all the same.

While doing yoga today, I unlocked a pose called "dance"..which made me smile when I saw because I've been doing that very same pose for years now. I had no idea it was a real yoga pose! Whenever I work out pretty hard or I feel like my hips need popping or whatever, I do that pose and it helps get everything back where it feels it should be. It's funny to me how you naturally do things to help your body out and find out've been doing the right thing all along. Aww. Precious.

On the Wii and yoga subject..I think it's probably harder to do on the Wii board because they have you stay in a small yellow circle and every time your body becomes shaky or your breathing isn't right..they dock you points. I think it makes you concentrate on everything you're doing more so than if you were doing it in a yoga studio. I could be wrong because ya know..I've never BEEN in a yoga studio for a class or anything..but I'm just saying I think you could get away with a little more in a studio than the board lets you get away with. With "downward dog" my instructor kept yelling at me! She was all "you're putting too much weight on your feet. You're putting too much weight on your feet. You're putting too much weight on your hands" And I'm like AHHH I can't see the bar to let me know pressure wise where I am because my head is down!

And for those of you who have gotten to the meditation balance! I can bust the lotus position just fine but if you move even the tiniest bit, the flame on the candle wavers! And they send moths (or whatever those things are) in to try to mess you up! I've only gotten like 75 seconds in on that one so far (but to be fair, Calix was upstairs yelling at me to let him out of his room because he didn't want to nap so he kept breaking my concentration). I'll try later tonight while O's lifting weights and the babies are in bed. Surely I can beat 75 seconds. That's pathetic.

My body's definitely feeling the benefits of everything I've been doing for it. I can feel how much better my posture is already! A week in and I feel soooo much better. Not to mention how much better just those simple activities are making our sex life. I said it..I said it. I'm a is a very large part of who I am and it's weird for me to try to even deny that just because my family reads this. No shame. No shame. Brothers everywhere are vomiting in their mouths.

Anyway. So last night after the hubs showed up 3 1/2 hours late for dinner (a meeting that went on way too long because some of the guys had to work their stuff out with one another), he randomly mentioned all nonchalantly how there's going to be an army ball or whatever in April and that he didn't tell me about it because it's $75 a head to daycare..and blah blah blah. Oh..okay. Well, I would have liked a say in that, young man because maybe this girl's been WANTING to go to one of those! I wanted to go out and get a ballgown and all dolled up and and and dance the night away with my husband in his sexy Class A's..but no. No. I see how it is. After he saw my disappointment he was all "I mean..did you really wanna go? Because I'm sure we could figure something out if you did" but then I got to thinking about all of the preparation that goes into something like that and how expensive it would all be..and agreed that, yeah..we should probably opt out of this one. Perhaps the next one, though. :(

I guess it's best though because we need to save all that we can so we can make it to Micah and Kaiti's wedding. He was there for mine..I'll be there for his. Hopefully.


Jenna Consolo said...

Well, I'm a Taurus and I'm a big fan of sex too, so maybe it's a Van Sciver thing, and not so much an astrological thing. ?

Abby said...

Could be a partial VanSciver thing, sure. But it goes beyond just being a fan of sex. I'm extremely passionate and I think, take it beyond just sex. Anyone can have sex..but I'm an experience hehehe.

Look, it's awesome..and whoever there is to thank for it..whether it be our parents (yo, creepy) or my lovely astrological sign..I'm a grateful girl.