Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kite Day

It's been pretty windy around here lately, so we packed the boys up in the stroller and went for a walk (Jenna will love that part) down to an open field a few blocks away and tried to launch Calix's new kite. Now, I think I've played with a kite..maybe once in my life. I don't think Orion ever has. I remember something about running with it until it catches wind or something..but other than that, it's pretty much blank. So we tried.

O setting up the shark (there were a couple of poles that kept falling out and he couldn't figure out why.)

We weren't the only ones who decided it was great kite flying weather. There are 2 kites in this picture..you probably can't see them unless you look hard..and 3 more went up while we were there. It was pretty cute.

Calix manning the spool of twine

I love the trees here..sorry..I'm ADD sometimes.

Launch #1 . Looks about right, yeah?

It wasn't right. We could not, for the life of us, get that freaking kite in the air!

running around while mommy and daddy try to figure this out and look stupid while everyone and their dog is getting their kites up with no problems whatsoever!

Go baby, go! We might have something here! Go go go!

...nothing. So then I was all "let's go down into the field and ask those guys what we're doing wrong" so we went and I watched these little kids launch their kites while their dad controlled both of them with ease and I suggested we try what those kids just did. What we originally tried. And it worked. It worked! It worked and the kite was up and soaring for a few brief moments before it started to rain too hard for this girl to just be standing there. So I loaded the babies up into the stroller and hauled butt up the hill and across the field and through the parking lot up the ramp and into the community center's covered patio to wait out the rain.

Where the little man got kisses and mommy fixed the kite. And when the rain slowed, we loaded up and headed back home. To look up kite flying tips. Seriously.

Oh look! A tree!


YogaNana said...

You *were* running *into* the wind, weren't you?

Abby said...

hahaha..of *course*! I'm not THAT stupid.

Jenna Consolo said...

Kites! How fun! And of course, I love the walking part, but I also love that picture of you and Maddox.

Hannah said...

Ahahahah! I loved this post Abby. You're like Dori the fish. Oh look something shiny! Hahaha! And yes that picture of you and Maddox is perfect! You have to blow that one up and frame it!!!!