Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oh horray!!!

Let's see...what have I been up to? Well, not a ton.

The leg magic machine work out video kicked my butt again. I swear that lady who instructs it must be crazy. Too excited all the time! So I've been hobbling around. Good times.

Orion went back to work today. I suggested that maybe he shouldn't take 15 days off unless we have actual adventures or vacations planned. Love him as much as I do..15 days is a bit much. I hate that the majority of those days were spent around the house not really doing much. Shoo! Get out of my face and off to work with you! I'll make treats while you're away! Love you, silly!

Oh hey..know what's funny? O vacationed while mom and David were here, right? Well, he'd gotten a marine warning about the super rough waters the day of non-whale sightings. Yeah..had he been at work he would have received the message. I think we got the news in a more interesting way. I just thought that was funny when he told me.

In other news that isn't really all that interesting, I spent a chunk of the morning wiping down the pantry and reorganizing what was left after I was rudely surprised by ants. Everywhere. My darling husband left an open but empty and delicous smelling box of Kashi cereal in there and didn't fully close the FIVE pound bag of sugar. A hayday for those little things, I'm sure. My phone call to the hubs went something like this: ANTS!!! THERE ARE ANTS EVERYWHERE!!!!!

So I got to work scrubbing the *entire* pantry (I've watched ant specials! I know how they work!!) and surrounding areas. The 5-er had to be tossed. All types of flours got put into air tight containers. Same as all of the various chocolate chips (I bought this 6 pound bag of semi-sweets when we got our first house here. 6 months later...barely a dent in the thing. golly!) and the brown sugars and M&M's. You ants get nothing!!

I then got to work organizing the pantry. I wish you could see how wonderfully organized it all is. So beautiful! Perhaps in a few days because unless my pictures are on a website I can't put them in here.

Back to my children who are always a little more crazy the first day daddy goes back to work. Lucky me! Haha! (that would be an overly cheerful fake flight attendant laugh) Okay!! (so would that).


YogaNana said...

If you can find where the ants are getting in, plug up the area with cream of tartar. This works. No one believes me, but this works.

So does this post mean you've got a computer or did you work a long time on the Wii?

Abby said...

A very long time on the Wii. Blogger kept not saving and/or I'd lose the connection. Took *forever*! But those who secretly borrow random neighbor's wifi aren't allowed to complain. Only allowed to shake fist in the air.

Sarah said...

Ant problems are such a pain! But on the plus side, a nice, newly organized pantry is oh so devine!

Sarah said...


Hannah said...

Ugghh Ants are such buggers (HA!) A couple of years ago we had an ant problem and those suckers would get into the most random places. We had a babysitter call us one night to let us know the inside of our dishwasher was full of ants. Ewww. We had our exterminator take care of it and haven't seen any since. The ones that are outside have it coming to them though, that's for sure!

Jenna Consolo said...

Nice to read something new! Can't wait till you're fully operational. Ants. Yuck. But at least those adventures get you to clean something that always gets put off, and then you feel good about that!