Monday, January 12, 2009

Of Toy Motorcycles and Accidents

There's been an accident of the motorcycle sorts. Calix and Maddox were in the backyard riding bikes and motorcycles around..and since the grass is new and weak, they can't *really* play on it yet so they spend quite a bit of time riding their bikes and what not up and down the path. Orion and I were sitting inside when we heard Maddox fall and come running up to the screen door with blood *all* over his face and shirt and running down his leg. Great. He bit through his lip..(and if you have kids you already know lips bleed a lot) and after we got the bleeding to stop, we assessed the other damage. It looks like he fell and got road rash on his face. Poor little guy! A fat lip, scraped ear, cheek, forehead, chin, and nose..all on the left side. He's been wanting lots of extra cuddles and "give kiss!". Oh, Fearless..your mama loves you something mighty.

"but Nana and Gramps are coming out!" :(

And I know this has nothing to do with Maddox's first bloody lip..but when do I ever just keep an entry to one thing? It's pretty rare. Anyway, the downstairs bathroom has been put together for a few days now and I wanted to show how plain/cute it is. And I'm sorry I always lean towards green. It's a sick fixation with me, I tells ya!

I had those his and her hooks in my old bathroom but decided to hang them up in a different one instead and Orion doesn't get it. He's like "but why are the his and hers down here? Is one towel for the girls and one for the guys? And why aren't they at the same level??" Jeeze, Or..jeeze. Shhh..just let it happen. I made all of the fleur de lis myself and *none* of them are the same. I like them..I think they all turned out mighty cute.

It's still pretty plain..but if I were allowed to PAINT it..I totally would have. But least it doesn't echo as much in there anymore.

And HORRflippinAY!!! My washer and dryer are *finally* being delivered tomorrow. Oh my gosh..the mountains of laundry that there are to do! The clothing creations I've had to come up with! We bought them last week but they were all "delivery is set for next Tuesday" and I was all "noooo!!!!" and I died a little on the inside. Because I'm dramatic. I did do something cute in the laundry room though..but I'll wait to take a picture of that til tomorrow. And I finally moved the armoire to hang the other curtain and I finally hung the curtains in the dining room, the boys' room, and my bedroom. And I put "TOGETHER IS OUR FAVORITE PLACE" in lettering on a living room wall because being together *is* our favorite..especially when we go through deployments and what not and all we want is to be close. So..I like that one. I ordered a pretty cute double heart wreath for over the kitchen sink and I think I'll letter "Cuddle's Kitchen Est. 2005" or something over that but Orion thinks I shouldn't use my nickname and I said why not..everyone knows I'm called "Cuddle" more than my real name anyway. I don't know..we'll see..we'll see.

A couple of new books came in the mail for me today (Holidays on Ice and Naked both by David Sedaris..his other books are also on their way to me)..and I'm like YAY!!! I get to READ again! I ordered Noah's entire collection (except for Blammo 1 because it wasn't for sale on so I'm looking forward to all of that. My oldest is sitting on my lap right now driving cars around on the desk. He's content..I'm happy. Life is good..I have no complaints.


Raelene said...

Glad Maddox is ok, there will be many booboos I'm sure. Your decorating looks great! Your house looks so nice, do you like the wooden floors? Are they hard to keep clean?

Hannah said...

Awww poor little man! I hope he feels better soon.

Hey, I always choose green too. Mostly sage green, but green none the less. It's just a soothing color to me. I'm trying to find a different color to paint my bedroom, but dangit, I really like green!

When does Mom get there? You guys are so lucky!

Abby said...

Raelene..I totally prefer wooden floors over carpet. Especially with little kids. At the old house it was nasty office type carpet and you know how kids are with food. I'd have to get the vacuum out after every meal..what a pain! I'd much rather pull the broom out then go through all of that hassle, ya know? I can't stand carpet in dining rooms, bathrooms, or kitchens. I think it's a stupid move.

Abby said...

Hannah..yeah, I'm a sage green girl myself as well. It's totally soothing..but then it gets to the point where I feel SO boring because of it. It's *everywhere*!

Mom and David get here tomorrow late afternoon. Doin the birthday cake thing for her. Awwww..mama's 60!

YogaNana said...

Mama's not 60 til tomorrow .... :o)

Getting the pre-travel jitters -- wow, this time tomorrow we'll be above the ocean instead of just beside it. See you soon!

YogaNana said...
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YogaNana said...

I always wonder when a post was deleted .... I deleted this one because there was as computer hiccup and it posted my comment twice. :o)