Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Because not everything can go smoothly

I call this one "wait..that's not right" or maybe just simply "no."

I was upstairs with the kids while the new washer and dryer were delivered. When I came down, ready to do some *serious* laundry..I saw this mess. No. Absolutely not. I've been pushed around TOO much in my life to settle for this crap. I'm not that kind of girl anymore. You will have to fight the bear. We bought a Cabrio set. The washer is a Cabrio..what's that mess of a dryer? It's not even the same height..not to mention it's filthy disgusting..rusty..and there's someone's random hair coming out of the lint filter. We paid for a new MATCHING set. I want the dryer with the window! *sigh* So..purchase agreement in hand Orion started matching model numbers up. They didn't match. Obviously. Husband called the place. I'm sure they were irritated..but you know what? So am I. If these are going to be mine for many years to come..I want them to..I don't know..BE THE ONES I PAID FOR. (Okay, really Orion paid for them..but still..still! I am wife. RARRR!!!!!)

I know..needlessly angry, this one. Not angry though..just bugged. I really don't like when people think they can get one over on you. No. SO..now the correct dryer is being tracked down and will be replaced when it is.


Sarah said...

I would have done the exact same thing. That is some nonsense and bullcrap! (As we like to refer to things around here) I happen to be a complainer though, when things are not just as I ordered them...right down to fast food screw ups. Of course when it comes to people I know, I am overly nice and end up getting walked all over. But that's a different story. Hope you get your lovely NEW dryer sooner than later.

Hannah said...

Of course you should complain! You paid good money for one thing and got something else. I'd be pissed

Jenna Consolo said...

That IS annoying! Not to mention the annoyance of all the dirty laundry backing up around the house while they screw around!

Raelene said...

Because of their screw up, you should get a refund on the delivery charges, maybe even a discount on the total charges.