Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mama's visit part 1

Well, mom and David are on a plane on their way home..I've had a small nap and a Stella Doro. I think I'm ready to sit down and start resizing pictures from their visit. saw mom's cake. We did Panda Express for dinner (because they arrived after 4 and who wants to come home and cook after picking parents up from the airport? Not this girl. cake and sherbet for dessert. Did I mention I made her a silly birthday crown? She was a total sport and wore it for the rest of the evening.

After the boys were in bed, we sat up and shared stories and memories until it was just too late for all of us. Thankfully, they were working off of a 2 hour time difference and didn't mind that we go to bed around 10pm (usually)..because they go to bed around midnight at home. It worked out.

In the morning, it was time to go on that Wild Whale Watch. We were all (minus the kids) on our Dramamine and when we hopped on the boat, we were all given ginger pills. We were then told that the seas were choppy that pretty much just hold on.

Right before we headed out.

My first big boat ride into the ocean

It was absolutely gorgeous!

downtown Honolulu and Diamond Head

mama in her cute little sunglasses

stunning, right?

All of it was.

The boat was diving into the water..I was sitting on my knees on one of the benches and I had the rhythm between hips and butt going. I felt like Lieutenant Dan from Forrest Gump riding those swells and screaming like a mad woman WOOOOHOOOO!!! That, or kind of like a cowboy. Girl. Whatever. It was fun!

And then I looked over and Maddox looked sick. He wanted to cuddle. He didn't look good at all. He kept saying he was tired and just wanted to be held. He munched on some goldfish crackers. He got pale. And then..while Orion was holding him..he said "I want milk" and threw up *everywhere*. It just kept coming! All over the bench..all over himself..all over Orion. The guys on the ship brought over towels..lots of towels. Orion said "oh man, I think I'm going to be next" I kept trying to hold it back. Orion went and did his thing and came back to sit down. Mom and David are sitting a little bit down from us and they're calm and watching the water and then there's this chaos going on where we're sitting.

I tried to regain myself after all of that. I got back to my position on the bench. I stared out the window at the ocean. The boat was flying in every direction. I said I needed a bag. I was next. After seeing and smelling what happened to Maddox..I just couldn't hold it in anymore. Crap. Now..I need a bag NOW! I'm leaning out the window retching my life out. I'd only had toast for breakfast. Oh yeah..and coffee. Not awesome for throwing up. I was was pouring out of my splattered on my sunglasses. Absolutely horrible. I waited a little while..Calix was starting to look a little ill..and I kept telling him if his tummy hurt..if he felt sick..he needed to let mommy know. He put the hood to his sweatshirt up over his head and then laid it on the table in front of him (I thought that was such a teenager move haha). I threw up again. Bile. Painful. One of the guys on the boat said we were on our way back and was talking to Orion about a raincheck. NO! Because it doesn't look like there are any whales out today. NO! But then I was also very relieved that we were headed back to land because GET ME OFF THIS BOAT (it's always the worst to get sick on a plane or a boat or whatever, ya know? Because you have to stay there. You *have* to ride it out and you just wanna die). Calix took off his sweatshirt. To me, that's a move that means you're about to vomit. He stared outside at the water. He looked embarrassed of his family. We pulled up to the dock..I wanted off. We all (there were about 6 other people on the cruise besides us) crowded around the exit. I ended up standing next to the bar. It smelled. Of massive quantities of alcohol. A turning stomach..and there's a heavy vodka scent in the air. "GET ME A BAG!! GET ME A BAG! NOW! NOW!!!!" David rushed behind the bar..I threw a child at mom and I retched..and retched..and cried..and leaned over the railing and retched some more. I didn't care who was watching at that point. It was happening.

They then let us all off the boat and shuffled us through a mall! In front of everyone! My half naked husband covered in vomit. They loaded us onto a bus to take us back to our cars. I think we stunk up the bus pretty good. We all loaded into the van..rolled down the windows and laughed on our way home.

I think the highlight though, was when Orion was puking for the 2nd or 3rd time and then came up for air and said "I missed" before adjusting the bag and continuing. It was not the trip of whales..but the ride of vomit. I felt SO bad! I'd really really wanted mom and David to see whales! Oh well..perhaps next time.

The next day, we went to the Polynesian Cultural Center. I'll put that in the next post. Maybe tonight..or tomorrow morning. I still need to go through those pictures and resize them and what not. And put some videos from it on Vimeo to share.


Hannah said...

Oh no Abby! That's sounds so horrible, but hilarious since you're so good at writing and I wasn't there.

At least it was memorable, right?

Sarah said...

Awww! I'm so sorry you all got so sick! Too bad there were no whales, but like Hannah said, it was memorable, nontheless!

Jenna Consolo said...

Oh my gosh, I'm cracking up over here!

I've had that scene happen to me SO MANY TIMES. On planes, on boats. It's awful. Craving death awful. Poor things.

I loved the part where Calix is embarrassed of his family. That's so funny.

All that and no whales? It's a crime!

Raelene said...

Been there, done that...I remember my boat trip...feeding the bring back the memories. I'm sorry you had such a terrible boat ride, but glad you can laugh about it.

Mindy said...

Oh NO! You bring back memories of my first and only cruise. I was 2 months pregnant and didn't know it. Seasickness and morning sickness all hit at the same time.
I can get on boats, but not if I'm going to where there's no land in sight. That's where my problem is.
I'm sorry you guys didn't get to see any whales. I hope they had a good birthday trip in spite of that!

YogaNana said...

We had an EXCELLENT tip -- it was the whales' loss that they didn't show up and get their pictures taken.