Friday, December 05, 2008


Today's Thursday which means Orion got home around 4:00. Shortly after he arrived, Calix was sitting on the potty (FINALLY. After many failed attempts I decided to just wait until *he* let me know he was ready. Today, he went to his room and took his diaper off and peed on his floor then said "ew" and came to tell me about it and he got a talk about how he needed to let me know BEFORE he goes potty so mommy can come in and help.) with his little Lightning McQueen underpants around his ankles and telling Orion he was done and needed to be wiped when a call came in. I got Calix all cleaned up while I heard Orion talking about an address and getting a pen to write it down. WAIT!!!

Address?!?!?! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! The guy at housing called with our new address and I was way too excited to just SIT there. I don't care what time it is! Let's go! It took a little while to find it and then when we found the street, it was blocked off because of all of the construction going on and not all of the houses on the street are finished yet. So we sat in the van outside the chain link fence like "well..this is the street. At least we know where it is.." and then left to start heading back home. We ended up driving past another entrance/exit to our street and decided we'd try it out see if we could find our house. A block in I spotted it. WOOO!!!!

I hopped out of the van with my camera and Orion drove around to the back with the kids.

I tried to look in..and I even tried to open the door (hey, you never know!) but everything out front was closed up tight. I then walked around to find O and the boys.

We could see in a *tiny* bit from the back (enough for me to see there's a wash tub thing in the laundry room which I'm pretty excited about. I'm not sure what for yet except for that I've never had one) but what with the sun starting to kinda made it hard to really see. The backyard is a decent size. Enough room for the little trampoline the kids are getting from Mr. C and maybe a few other things that are yet to be determined. I'm excited about not having a wooden fence because of all of the carpenter bees we have currently living in our backyard. Awww look at my van..can you see all of the little flip flops I have on the back window? Four sets..two big for me and O and two small for the boys. Oh, precious.

And on the way out, I snapped one of the side of the house.

Look, I'm just really really super freakishly excited about this whole thing (anyone else notice we always get houses on the end?). We get to go inside bright and early Monday morning.

I'm dancing. Really..I am.

Hey, here's a perk about having your blog be invite only.. I can share our address. We move in officially on the 29th so if you have Christmas cards or whatever you're sending before then..send them to this house we're currently in. But dad and Raelene..I know you guys put out an address list every year. I was stressed out a little bit about NOT having the address before Christmas because of your list, you know.

ANYWAY. As of December 29th our address will be:

Abby & Orion Delgado
4320 Croton Street
Honolulu, HI


Sarah said...

Oh fun! I got all teary eyed and choked up for you when I saw the pics! Very exciting! It looks awesome from the outside! Can't wait to see pics of the inside.

Also, I just got around to reading your previous post and I decided to comment here instead...I've redecorated our trees many times in the past. Last year I actually took off all the ornaments and then redid all the branches too. The kids and Josiah put it up and decorated it and I tried not to let it bother me but after a few days I had to do something about it. I ended up changing it completely (keeping all our handmade ornaments of course) and put up all our blue & white lights and ornaments rather than the multi colored lights. For some reason I really like the blue at Christmas. Although, yesterday I was at Lowe's and came across the most beautiful shade of red glass Christmas ball ornaments that I'd ever seen. I sooo badly wanted to get them, but I resisted. I'm sure Josiah is proud of me for that.

I'm done babbling.

Hannah said...

Abby! It's gorgeous!! And huge! How exciting for you guys.

YogaNana said...

The house looks great! Can't wait to come visit. :o)

Well, not because of the house, but ... you know.

Sarah, I love blue at Christmas, too. It's frosty.

Hilary said...

I'm so happy and excited for you! We can come visit, right? haha

Abby said...


I totally love blue lights, too. Or just Micah did (maybe still does?) to his tree. I'm not really into the multi colored lights thing (probably because there's a lot going on with the tree anyway so let's keep our focus here and not be spastic all around. Just my opinion though)..but all one color? Heck yes!

I've re-decorated the tree twice. Once this year because Orion put the pearl garland on last and things were jumbled and messy and just looked OFF and I'm a control freak like that. Christmas means a lot to me and part of that feeling is the tree and if it's all jumbled and bad's just not the same.

I hope the person who's letting us look inside on Monday won't think I'm a weirdo for taking pictures..because I totally am.

Abby said...


There's another house on the other a 2 in one kind of deal and I'm not totally sure how much of the house is ours it's hard to tell where it we'll figure that all out on Monday. But's way nice and is a 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath regardless and that's enough space for us so who cares, right?

Abby said...


Listen, woman..I get to have you and your wonderful for your BIRTHDAY. Your 60th birthday and I'm so excited I'm just going to squeeze you. So beware. Teehehehe and I'm way more than a little excited to see you guys! Pinch David for me.

Abby said...


You and your darling family are always more than welcome to come visit. Always. I mean..shoot..we'll be here for maybe another 5 1/2 years so like..if you can get out to're staying with me and I don't want an argument about it, either! Let me cuddle Corbin!

Jenna Consolo said...

That is gorgeous! I am so excited for you! It's so pretty!

Anonymous said...

yeah for you! The house looks beautiful, and I also love your van by the way you lucky girl you.