Sunday, December 14, 2008

15 Days!

Last night, on our rainy quest for Christmas light warmth, we drove around the entire peninsula looking at lights around where we live..and I think because it was raining, most people didn't have their lights plugged in. I so wanted to go knocking on doors and say "hi..I have kids in the car who really want to see some lights. Can you plug yours in?" but of course I didn't. I didn't take pictures of any of the houses with the cool lights because ya know..people live there. It would probably be inappropriate to post them. We then headed to the hospital, AMR, Fort Shafter, and then downtown Honolulu before Maddox finally passed out and we headed home. I had my Christmas cds playing (the boys really enjoyed singing along to Little Drummer Boy) the hot chocolate was warm and comforting and Orion and I held hands while driving around with big smiles on our faces. The kids were cheering and clapping for the lights. Orion and I looked at eachother and both agreed that Christmas is SO much better when you have kids. So much better.

I told him to take a sip of his cocoa..he said it was still too hot and gave me a weird face.

Maddox reaching for his cocoa.

Mmmm chocolatey!

It was taking him too long to take the picture and a huge gulp of steaming hot cocoa ran down my throat. It hurt.

Listen, the pictures aren't great. At all. What with the rain and driving while taking pictures and using the wrong setting until I realized it at the very last picture..made for the horribleness. These are the best of the group. That should tell you something. Anyway, this is Tripler Army Medical Center..or at least one very very small piece of it.

A gazebo at Fort Shafter in Palm Circle..

the massive "tree" in Palm Circle..

Surfing Santa and Mrs Claus in downtown Honolulu...

The last picture in downtown Honolulu. Yeah..there's the right setting. Next time

And a small "bonus" video. Some of the lights at Fort Shafter. Pretty pretty!

Happy birthday, Amanda!!!


Jenna Consolo said...

The pic of you drinking hot cocoa and wearing a tank top doesn't jive. Wear a sweater! (Isn't it weird when it's warm at Christmastime? Messes with your head!)

Abby said...

Wayyy too hot and muggy for a sweater! Not that I have any unpacked or anything. Cold weather stuff is in the shed. Don't need it!

Hannah said...

Hey Bella has that same carseat!! WooHoo!!

You guys are so cute. I love how festive you get.

Raelene said...

It is so fun to hear the excitement in the kids voices. Christmastime is the bestest of the year*!* Love you.