Saturday, December 13, 2008

16 Days!

We were out all morning and afternoon doing the post office thing and groceries and good golly gosh the traffic! I think Honolulu has the worst traffic in the country.. it even beats crazy imagine all of these people doing their Christmas shopping around the same time you're trying to bring frozen things home. Hurry up!! Hahah

Anyway, the boys ended up taking late naps and didn't wake up until roughly we're taking advantage of that. They were sitting down at the table eating dinner and Orion said "okay..after dinner you guys are going to go take baths and put jammies on.." and you know they were feeling bummed thinking it was bedtime *again*..until I stepped into the conversation with "then we're getting hot chocolate and hopping in the van to GO LOOK AT CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!! YAYYYY!!!!!"

They clapped and cheered "yes! Christmas lights!!!!!"

Oh, I *love* the holidays! I think it brings out the best in me, really. I think it brings out the best in a lot of people.

There may be some pictures to follow later..or tomorrow. But if there aren't..just know we're out being a cozy little family.

Something new Calix says that's very charming is when I give him something or do something for matter how small.. he says "Thanks, mom. I really appreciate it." He says APPRECIATE hahahaha!!!! But how nice it is to have your 3 year old look at you with an honest face and say that. Oh, my boy.


Jenna Consolo said...

We love driving around (or walking around) and looking at the lights too. Very cozy.

But I don't believe your traffic is worse than L.A. traffic. Plus, nowhere that you have to drive is that far away on an island. Are you sure?

Abby said...

We wanted to do a walking tour in Waikiki but it's raining so we opted for the car ride this time and perhaps closer to Christmas we'll do the walking tour. So very pretty. I swear to you (even though you already know) the holidays are so much more fun with kids.

A couple of months ago, they said on the news that the traffic in Honolulu is officially worse than L.A. but after looking it up to make, it's not. So I don't know where those people got their information.

Hey's an island..but it's not THAT small. It takes roughly 6 or 7 hours to drive around the whole island..on the edges..and you can't drive around the west top tip because the roads are no where near being drive-able and I think it's military land anyway. It's a decent size. And I was half joking about the frozen foods thing. The commissary is roughly 8 miles away and stopping at other stores (to look for maraschino cherries..of which no one had any) and then being in stand still traffic for way too long to get home thawed stuff out a bit.