Tuesday, December 02, 2008

27 Days (my count was off)

Orion got electrocuted while trying to put outside lights up a few days ago. He won't go near them now. Can't say I blame him, really. No outside lights this year..but who are we kidding, anyway? I only half assed the indoor holiday decor because moving a couple of days after Christmas is annoying enough without having to pack up tons of extra stuff. I can't wait to have a house that we know we'll be in for more than a year or 2. Setting up outdoor decor for the holidays will be so much more worth it, ya know? Hey also..how in the crap am I supposed to hang lights from a house with that siding stuff? I'd imagine I couldn't use nails or anything because of holes..but I don't see how everyone else does it! I've never hung outside lights..so I'm seriously clueless when it comes to figuring it out.

Sometimes I'll randomly think about the time Josiah hung all of those lights on our house in Arizona and start laughing. It was like National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation! It lit up the whole street! No one could sleep in our house at night unless those lights were unplugged! Hahahahah!!!!!

On the Orion getting hurt subject..he was making breakfast a couple of weeks ago and went to put bacon in the pan and grease flew out and at him (and of course he wasn't wearing a shirt) and splattered all over his side giving him 2nd degree burns. It was pretty gross for a while there..but it seems to finally be looking a little better. Though, I think he'll be left with those marks for life. Poor baby.

I'm trying to keep my mouth shut about some other possible news. I think I'm one of the worst people with surprises..but awesome at guessing.

I guessed what Orion got me for Christmas..on accident. I can't believe he actually admits it's what he got me...in a round about way. I said something like "there's no way those couple of things cost blank amount of money. You checked out at the jewelry counter? Why? Usually you only check out there if you buy jewelry. I'll bet it's in your gear trunk. You got me earrings, didn't you?" and he got all upset "dammit, Cuddle! I'm getting you your own bank account!" "dude..I was guessing. I didn't really know..but I do now." Later that day, I went into our room and there were wet footprints going from the bathroom to our closet and a wet hand print on his gear trunk "Orion..why is our room all wet??!!" "I put it in the safe! You guessed my hiding spot!" HAHAHAHAHA!!! Aww, bless his heart.

I don't know what my problem is. Why can't I just LET gifts happen? Why can't I allow myself to be surprised? I'm good enough at dodging his present questions. Even if he'll guess right I'll talk about it like it's not the thing he thinks it is and he'll get all worried and I'll go the ENTIRE month looking disappointed that he's not happy about his "gift" that he thinks he's getting..and then Christmas comes and it ends up being the thing he really wanted and I can smile because hehehe..you really thought you were getting something random! I'm trying not to snoop this year though. Guessing is one thing but searching stuff out is another. Of course I know the code for the safe but I'm being good and not looking. It's a sickness, I tells ya!

Here's to hoping Walmart's photo center doesn't over crop the holiday picture of the kids.


Jenna Consolo said...

You crack me up! I remember your lights on that house in AZ too! They sure were something! Gave me a good laugh to remember.

Keep Orion away from everything unless he has great life insurance.

YogaNana said...

Those were the lights that were intended for the giant A on Tempe Butte for ASU, as I recall ... yeah, they were pretty amazing.

And, two words: lavender oil. Lavender Essential Oil for burns. Seriously. Keep a bottle in the kitchen and splash it on liberally for ALL KINDS OF BURNS, even sunburns. It *might* even help with scarring at this point but it may be too late this time. I can't tell you how many times I've used it, and it absolutely works. Fast, too.

I am not getting a kickback. :o)

Hannah said...

You're funny Abby.

Oh yeah and we buy these clip things they sell in the christmas light area. They just slide into some part of the house (?) and you clip the light inot it. No nailing or tacks or anything permanent.

That was really helpful huh? Hahaha Mike is usually the one who does it so I really have no idea of the whole logistics of it all.