Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Said Please

I love to have my hair played with. Absolutely LOVE IT. I've got so dang much of it that it's nice to have people run their fingers through it..I dunno..maybe braid it. Give my scalp goosebumps! (that's one of my very favorite things when I'm pregnant. Especially with Maddox. I'd put my legs on Orion and demand in a cute voice "gooooossseeeebbuuummmppppsssss!!!!" ah, the small things.)

I bring this up because I've been making Orion play with my hair a lot lately. Every night. Now I don't even ask the full sentence..I just say "will you?" "will I what?" "this is a yes or no question" "yes then" and I squeal and plop myself in front of him. My handsome guy! See, it all started right after Calix came home from the hospital. He'd played with it before, sure..but now? Now I was having him do TRICKS! I, myself, don't know very many hair tricks (I cannot do a french braid on me or anyone else to save my life. I think about how Amanda used to spend all of that time doing a fish tail on me and I'm amazed! I can put stuff up in pony tails and do a normal braid..or 2. I'm a little more adventurous with my own hair..but those are the only things I can do with someone else's hair..and the pony tails will be bumpy. I have no little sisters..therefore, I got no practice in. I was the one whose hair was always played with..I never had to worry about figuring someone else's hair out. I mean, mother washed my hair for me till I was 12. But that's another embarrassing story).

How have I done this? First, it started out with teaching him how to braid my hair..and I told him he needed this skill in his life. It not only works for hair..but hey..if you ever get stranded on an island somewhere or something..this will make very strong rope! Survival skill! Hahaha!! Lately, it's turned into "you need to know how to braid hair for when we have a girl and I'm busy or dead or something" (Once? When I was in kindergarten, my dad did my hair. It was a pony tail. Mom was away..I don't know where because it was after Jonah was born, I'm pretty sure. I went to school not thinking anything of it because ya always did my hair in the morning and it always looked never occured to me that something might be different if dad tried it. Mrs. Franolich (sp?) took me into the little girl's room and re-did my hair for me. I remember looking in the mirror and seeing how lopsided it was..and here's my teacher FIXING it for me. No way is my girl going to go through that). He's pretty good at a braid..could be tighter..but in all fairness, his wife has REALLY long layered one's expecting him to be able to perfect a braid. Yet. He still needs some rubberband help..and his pony tails need some work (obviously..if you cannot do the rubberband won't have a decent pony tail). But we have many many nights ahead of us in which he can practice. Maybe I'll even teach him a little something on the curling iron (my skin's screaming 'NOOO!!!' to that one.)

Because I'll be danged if my daughter goes to school looking like a frumpa dump.

All I need a daughter.


Jenna Consolo said...

That was a fun post! I love having my hair played with too. My kids are real good at it.

Mom washed your hair till you were 12? How did that happen?

Abby said...

Oh golly..I guess I was actually 11 because it ended before we moved into 9 Euclid. It was because my hair was down to my butt and was just way more than I could handle on my own. I'd wash my body and then have to open the bathroom door for her to come in and I'd be all "don't come in till I say it's okay!!" and she ALWAYS came in when I was in mid-sprint back to the tub. It's's funny..but totally embarrassing at the same time.

hilary said...

I love having my hair played with too! Brian did it for me while I was pregnant, but I don't get special treatment anymore. :( Guess I just have to get preggers again lol

What's the status on baby #3? I know you said you're taking some time for you right now, but I know there's part of you that wants your little girl right now.