Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Belly Warmth

Every now and then I like to make homemade bread. It reminds me *so* much of being a kid. I remember helping my mom punch down the dough and that first hot hot slice out of the oven smeared with butter! Mmmm! What a treat! And I kid you not when I tell you dessert last night was warm bread with butter and honey. Simple and soooo delicious!

I'm still working on making cuter loaves..so bare with me. I'm the kind of girl that thinks bread machines are cheating. I said it..I said it. You've gotta slip your wedding rings off and get your hands all up in it!

I'm also trying to convince Orion to let me slowly start on my new set of dishes. It consists of these dinner plates with these dessert plates these bowls and I think I want these tea cups but I'm not positive they work together...in either blue or green. I need more opinions..but I *love* those cups so I might need to get them just for fun anyway. We have a set from the Dollar Tree right now. Seriously. That plate the bread is on up there is from the Dollar Tree because I was SOO sick of the mismatched and chipped all over solid white and solid black stuff we had before (and embarrassed when we'd have company for dinner). They were bought as an in-between set..and from the Dollar Tree so we didn't feel awful about spending a lot of money on something we were just going to get rid of. He thinks we'd have to buy it all right away and I keep trying to tell him we don't. We can do a few pieces at a time..and we certainly don't need to do it around the holidays because that's just crazy talk! We're on a small budget this year..dishes are out of the question. That's just the kind of guy he is though..he doesn't understand building up to an entire set.

I'm also so grossly in love with vintage inspired aprons (the majority of those are on my Anthropologie wishlist haha) and have been aching for one or 2 or 10 for a few years now and randomly ended up with a black apron instead (I don't know how it happened!). It drives me crazy! I need fun frilly CUTE aprons! Perhaps someday.

In other news

In Maddox's world if the doors to that car are not open..it's broken.

whining to me for the umpteenth time that "see broken! See broken!!". Sometimes I hide that car just to save a broken heart.

It is also cool enough outside to finally wear long sleeved shirts and pants. Also..cupcake cookie snacks after your nap are a very fine treat.

I think Calix thinks he's a model. He's become very metro-sexual lately. He'll put a hat on right when he wakes up before coming out of his room so no one sees his bed head. When his hair has been wet and combed and he's dressed for the day, he poses and almost twirls while saying "I'm so handsome".

Makes me remember when I was younger and would be in one of my pretty dresses for church and be all confident and Hannah and Amanda would be all "Abby, stop acting like you're pretty." "Stop walking like you're pretty" and while they didn't mean anything hurtful by it at the time..I still remember that shattered feeling.

Strut on, my son..strut on. You're very handsome indeed. Don't let the man bring ya down!

Now if you'll excuse me..I'm feeling mighty nauseous.


YogaNana said...

You do NOT already have morning sickness!

All very cute, as usual. :o) Where are you finding your dream dishes?

Abby said...

I've been nauseous on and off for a while now. I doubt it's a pregnant thing..but I wouldn't know because I've never had any kind of morning sickness so..I don't know. We'll see.

All of those words should be clickable and link you to the dishes on Anthropologie.com. For a place setting of 8 for the mix I want, it'll be something like $400. So it's not EXTREME..but they're good hearty dishes that'll last a very long time.

Jenna Consolo said...

The dishes are so vintage looking and feminine! Very nice. I, too, am in love with vintage aprons and I have none. I keep thinking I'll just make some, but let's face it...that'll happen when my kids are grown. I love them!

The comment about 'stop acting like you're pretty' made me laugh, and broke my heart. I've got a couple of scars like that too, even though no harm was meant. Funny how those little things can hurt, huh? You ARE pretty! Walk like it! Work it!

Hannah said...

Aww Abs, I'm sorry I hurt you so much. When I said that I didn't mean "pretty" I meant grown up. I guess to my child-mind they were the same thing. You are gorgeous!!

Lovely dishes. I love anthropologie. I've wanted a bunch of the aprons too. I actually broke down and made myself a vintage inspired apron a couple of years ago. That's actually why I bought my sewing machine was so I could make one. It's cute. If I hadn't destroyed my pattern I would make you one too.