Wednesday, November 26, 2008

34 Days Till We Move

For anyone who's seen know that part in PeeWee's Christmas Special after the marines sing in the beginning when PeeWee jumps out and screams "CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!"? That scream and that rush of feeling is how I feel about Christmas every day of the year. Seriously.

The other day, I was telling Orion that I not only get excited for Christmas..I seriously get excited for Hanukkah (and I don't even celebrate it..but I like to be excited for other people, too), and Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve and Day and he just smiled and patted my head and called me cute. He's welcome for the love of the holidays I have given him.

This will be the first year we participate in Black Friday. Actually, Orion's going to scope it out for me this year..he's brave enough to take on all of those people (who I always assume will be pushing and shoving and giving me an anxiety attack. And oh yeah, did I mention I had an anxiety attack a couple of weeks ago in the commissary? SO MANY PEOPLE crowding me vision went all blurry and there was a total haze of confusion all around me. First time it's ever happened..but I swear to you..if you've ever been in this commissary, you'd get all panicky too. All of those people standing around and blocking stuff used to just irritate me. My insides would be screaming at them to 'MOVE!!!!!!'). He's only doing Toys R Us and Walmart, I think..doing a little Santa shopping and what not and then I've got reign over the next paycheck's available Christmas funds. But his experience with B.F this year will determine whether I join in next year or not.

I've taken 284 pictures of the boys TRYING to get a decent one for cards. I'm still rotating the batch of pictures I just got done taking of them (after I gave them haircuts and baths and dressed and things to play with in the pictures and ya know what? I'll say it..I even lint rolled the area they were going to be sitting on just so I wouldn't have to take the vacuum out) so we'll see how that turns out. It's just harder getting cuter holiday type pictures of two toddlers who want to touch everything and "look at mommy! woo hoo! Over here!! Say 'eee!!!!'". It's nothing like taking pictures of little babies who don't move and even when they's work-able.

So if there are no pictures in the cards this year it's because Calix was doing something like this:

Also..there's a little bit of news on the deployment front. We don't know when exactly..but it'll be after February and it won't be a full'll be TDY (temporary duty assignment) and those are never a full year..they're usually something between a month and 6 months (though it COULD go a little longer but not a full year. Usually). So there's that. Now I'm gonna have to go ahead and hope I'm not already pregnant..but watch..I probably am. The same thing happened last time. Trying for baby..then found out he was deploying..stopped..but too late. Maddox was on his way. So..I guess we'll see.

Anyway...back to rotating pictures. I'll do a Thanksgiving post tomorrow night probably.

Happy Birthday, Aiden!!


Raelene said...

Personality in pictures are the best you know*!* Happy Thanksgiving! Love you!

YogaNana said...

You know, if you choose a picture of them doing something weird, everyone chuckles now plus you have ammo for when they're 15: "Shape up or I'm showing all your friends that Christmas card."

Jenna Consolo said...

I like those kind of kid pictures because they're so real, and show their true personalities so much more!