Friday, October 24, 2008


My weekend sweet deal of a find:

After the boys' doctors appointments this morning (Maddox is 28 pounds..Calix is 32 and finally 3 feet tall!), we decided to head on over to Fort Shafter, since we were in the neighborhood, and put in for housing on Aliamanu. It's usually a long wait and I didn't want to wait in the car with both kids or in that building with Orion..but I noticed there was a pretty big thrift shop next to the housing office. Sweet. I'll put the boys in the stroller and have a look around. This had to be the coolest thrift shop I'd ever been into. So much stuff! I picked up a couple of cute reindeer candle holders for Christmas and Orion found brand new chopsticks (he's been looking for actual re-usable chopsticks for a while now) and on our way out, I was half heartedly browsing the purse/jewelry cases because you just never know what you'll find..and then BAM..I saw two Louis Vuitton bags. Score! They had a mini white muti-color..and meh..I'm not into that and small bags look extra stupid on me anyway. And then they had that little beauty up there below the white and hiding a little bit. Oooo. I asked how much it was going for and she said it was just reduced from $35 to $17.50. What what what?!?!?! Must have.

I think it's gorgeous and now it's mine mine mine. Horray for disgustingly awesome finds!


Langen Family said...

That bag is sooooo cute. I will buy it from you for 4o bucks.

Jenna Consolo said...

Nice! I spent the morning scrounging the thrift store too for Halloween stuff.

Josiah said...

Nothing about the bag, but I just wanted to comment on your playlist. I think it's cool that you have so many songs there that were usually blaring from Ethan and my room. Good picks.

Shaun said...

AWESOME! I thought I was pretty tight for finding a Guess bag for 40 bucks but you out-did me!