Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sweetness and Accomplishments

Calix is so so funny! He's sitting on the couch with the gingerbread man cookie sheet toy mom got Maddox for Christmas last year and he's quizzing me on the shapes (because I quiz him all the time). "mommy, what's this?" "square" "what's this?" "circle" "what's this?" "star" "what's this?" "triangle" "that's cool." and he says 'that's cool' in the most chillaxed 'I know I'm cool' kind of way. He cracks me up!

He's also been coming to the gate when I'm in the kitchen doing dishes or cooking or whatever and he's like "okay, bye! gimmie a kiss!" so I lean down and he pulls my face to his and gives me a big ol kiss then says "I'm going to work!" because hahahahahaha!!!!!! That's what Orion does! Oh man, I was laughing so hard the first time he did that.

I was feeling pretty low about myself yesterday..about not finishing high school and starting my GED and never finishing it (because I moved back home from Oregon..and that's where I'd started the test. Never picked it up where I left off and then too many years passed so the original test became void) and wahhh, all I'm good for is having babies, cooking, and cleaning. I'm worthless! More waaahhhh's.

So I hopped online and did some research and then while the kids were playing and Orion and I were texting back and forth..I took my GED. All of the the essay (on life that was an easy one) and I kid you not when I tell you I aced the thing. The entire thing. Science tried to trip me up..but the literature section was a breeze until I finished and surprised Orion when he got home with "Hey, I took my GED test today" "What? When?" "when I was texting with you for those 5 hours" "when do you get the results?" "I already did..and I aced it." and then he went on about how proud he is of me and blah blah mushy stuff. He then went to go change clothes and came out and said "...when did you find the time to clean the bathroom and do all of that laundry?" "oh, also while I was texting you" "let me get this took care of the kids, cleaned, did laundry, AND took your GED while you were texting with me??" "uh..yeah." "I was having a hard time just texting and working!" well..I'm a chick. We multitask like no other.

It's going to cost about $200 to get my that'll have to wait a bit, I guess. I was just happy I was allowed to take the test without paying up front and then figure out a way to pay for it later. At least it's done though!

The kids are asking to go outside. Till next time.


LB said...

Congrats dear niece! Grandma sends her love and is very excited for you! Now, about some college classes...... ;)

YogaNana said...


All that poking and prodding and really all you had to do was take a test online while texting!

Well, and pay them.

Mom is proud and happy!

Hannah said...

Look at you Miss Fancy Pants!! That's awesome news! Congrats. You guys should go celebrate!

Mindy said...

Way to go! I'm really proud of you for doing that! Congratulations!

Sarah said...

Way to go, Abby! But even without, you're not worthless! You are an amazing mother and your boys love you so much! That will always be worth more than you will ever realize.

Jenna Consolo said...

Abby! That's terrific! Congratulations! You and me taking steps. Together. But you'll never be "just a mom". That's THE most important accomplishment you'll ever have. The rest is icing on the cake. Do you know what you would want to study in college? I'll bet you could take online classes there too, and probably qualify for financial aid or military benefits.

So proud of you! Go buy ice cream!

Saint Holiday said...

Proud, proud, proud!
I is proud. You're
edicated now like me!
What a woman!
I love you.

Yo Yo Pa

Raelene said...

Congratulations, Abby! It's good to finally get around to things that you have wanted to accomplish, huh? You are also a fabulous mom*!* Love to you and the babies!