Monday, October 20, 2008

Bats and Dinosaurs, oh my!

A few days ago, we went out and bought Calix his Halloween costume because EVERY place I knew of online was totally out of any kind of dinosaur costume. Oy. I was starting to feel all stressed out about it and started looking at other options for him because WHAT IF I CAN'T FIND A DINOSAUR COSTUME ANYWHERE??? OH MY POOR 3 YEAR OLD'S BROKEN HEART!!!! Then the world collapsed because I'm just that dramatic. I know I am..I know. It's not that I WANT to's just how I feel. It's hard to be this way, ya know. Stressed and full of anxiety and ohhh so dramatic! Woe is me!

Anyway. I'll try not to be. I'm getting better! At least I've admitted it.

So I says to the man..I says..Let's go find this kid a costume.

So we did. Little mister ended up with a dinosaur costume afterall..even if it did mean we found it (new) at a Savers in a meth ridden neighborhood (where Orion called me a badass for even getting out of the car there because tweakers be zombies in a horror movie) and the store smelled like a moldy poopy diaper (I actually know what that smells like too..thanks to my days working at Old Navy) and I couldn't get out of there fast enough. But there it was folded up in its package with a nice glowy heavenly halo surrounding it (choirs of angels..ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!).

The next day, he wanted to try it on:


Maddox is actually going as the same bat Calix was 2 years ago. My mom made the costume, it fits him wonderfully, and it's WAY too cute to only be worn once.


he was just running around playing like he didn't have a costume on. Little sweetheart!

Don't make fun of my fugliness, I was in total mom mode that day. It was a little chilly so I made a couple loaves of homemade bread (and Maddox stood at the gate or on a chair the entire time just watching me..which totally reminded me of watching my own mother as a kid), lemon bars, these apple strudel muffins to go with the homemade baked bacon mac n cheese (mom's recipe..I just tossed some bacon pieces around in it) for dinner that night. While waiting for the dough to rise, the boys and I had car races in the hallway, we colored (Maddox ate the tip of the blue crayon so he's now banned for a while), and watched Garfield's Halloween special (which still totally scares me). I planned out 2 weeks worth of meals and made my shopping list around that. It was a pretty productive and cozy day and no, I didn't care that there were toys everywhere because don't bother me, I'm having fun with my kids.

Hey here's something weird..Jenna gave me an award:

I haven't won anything since that time when I was 15 and tried to request a Hanson song on the radio and inadvertently won Ben Folds Five tickets instead. So hey..this is swell. Thanks, Jenna!

I think I'm supposed to pass it on..but I think everyone I would have given it to either already has it..or doesn't read my blog..or doesn't have a blog. Wait.

I'm passing it on to Michele because she pollinates flowers with a paintbrush (haha) and I just think that's creative and silly.

Micah because he's totally artistic and creative and has painted some of the greatest and most meaningful paintings I've ever seen.

and Raelene for making some of the softest baby blankets for Maddox (that he drags everywhere) and for putting together the family address list and birthday/anniversary list every year.

Paste it into your own blog and send it on to others and don't forget to put it in your sidebar!


YogaNana said...


I have some guilt about not doing costumes this year but I'm dealing with it. Sort of. Glad you found Calix the dinosaur he wanted! And Maddox makes a great bat!

Raelene said...

The kids look soooo cute! for the award, Abby. I'm glad he loves his blankies. I don't know why my url doesn't show up on your feedjit, I check out everyone's blog daily, unless I have a brain lapse or something. I love seeing pics of the family. Everyone is so scattered around the world, we have to check in and see what's going on. Love you!

Hannah said...

Man! You were busy yesteday! I love that all of us girls seemed to have inherited the love of baking. Mom did good!

Jenna Consolo said...

Sounds like it would have been the perfect day to be a guest at your house, eating all the homemade goodness!

I have not one costume so far for any of the kids. Stressed? Um, yeah, getting there. What to do, what to do? This is why I hate Halloween. I never have money to enjoy it and it just takes badly needed funds away from Christmas!

Hilary said...

I totally remember that costume! They look adorable!