Monday, October 27, 2008

Of course I complain in this one

I'm up too early today. Maddox had a rough night and screamed for roughly 2 1/2 hours and then Orion couldn't find my car keys this morning so he could go to PT.

See, he has his own set of keys but they are currently at Midas with the Buick because something weird is going on with her..she's shaking like Lizzy from Cars and one of the mechanics at Fort Shafter said it's probably the transmission fluid or something..I don't know. Anyway, she's at Midas and she's going to be pretty expensive to figure out and fix and can't be paid for until Thursday..which bites because the money going to the Buick was going to be Christmas money and there are only so many more paychecks till then and it's like..grrrr! Which will probably mean Mr. C won't be able to fit a big outdoor play structure for the kids in his sleigh this year. Oy. I stress out about that whole thing...but I have to keep reminding myself that they're materialistic wants and the kids will be more than fine without one and who cares if Christmas isn't big this year (even though I totally wanted to go all out because O wasn't home for it last year and probably won't be next year, either) at least we're together, right? Many families don't even have that and I should probably just shut my whiny mouth and be HAPPY. I'm far too lucky to complain as much as I do (even if it's mostly internally I still know I'm doing it).

Anyway, so Orion totally tore the house apart this morning while looking for my set of keys. He asked me where they were..I told him he had them last..he had them when he took the recycling bins from the van. I told him not to leave the spare key to the van at just makes me feel weird that someone else has our address and the spare key. Call me crazy. He searched our bedroom. I told him he was barely in there yesterday and to check the pants he wore yesterday that are in the boys' bathroom from bath time. He went through the house and literally tore it apart. I get that you're late for PT..but dude, I'm the one that has to clean up your messes now. Thanks. Open your ears and listen to what I'm saying. He was threatening to go into Maddox's room and dig through the toy buckets. I told him the boys would never take them and that if they found them, they'd just bring them to one of us. I told him to GO CHECK THE PANTS HE WORE YESTERDAY..and sure enough, wouldn't you know that that's where they were? He left leaving all of the lights on and when I came out of our bedroom because I'd finally given up, couch cushions were thrown everywhere, couches were moved, movies were dug through, my purse was rifled through..contents spilling everywhere, clean clothes were thrown all over the laundry was just a HUGE mess. It seriously looked like we'd be robbed or something. Nice, honey..thanks. A huge fit of a mess and lucky me gets to fix it all because he never has time to do anything at home anymore except shower and change clothes..and ya know, make messes.

I'm just venting, ya'll.

And now I get to go clean. Yippy!


Sarah said...

Well for starters....I attempted leaving a comment twice on your purse post, and maybe I'm ADD or something because neither of them were ever posted. So I just want to say here...that's awesome that you saw that purse and knew it had value. The most I know about purses is that they hold the stuff I need when I get in the car or go to the store. I'm pretty lame like that. I looked it up on ebay (because that's how I roll and I'm always curious...) and a couple purses that looked very much like that one sold for $285. Or thereabouts. SNAP! I want to find things like that! Mostly to resell for money though, not to keep.

And for this's a boy/man thing. Josiah constantly helps me prove my theory that boys don't know how to find things.

Jenna Consolo said...

Adam leaves his keys and his wallet and his phone in his pants pockets ALL THE TIME. You'd think they'd learn to check there first.

Michele said...

I can't even say anything about this since it's me who is always losing my keys and tearing up the house around here.