Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hickam Beach

We had plans to go to the lagoons on Sunday but when we got there we found out there were only very small parking lots that held at most 15 cars per lot. Because it's a resort, if you're an outside guest, you need to park in one of those lots in order to get onto any of the lagoons. Oy. 5 lagoons and they ALL had insanely long lines of cars just waiting for someone to pull out so they could pull in. I wasn't in the mood for waiting all day (next time we'll go way earlier) so we headed to the Hickam AFB beach instead. Still military..still secluded. It's pretty weird though because the Honolulu airport is literally right next door and their landing strip is alongside of Hickam beach. So there are huge ships being pulled by little tugboats (AWWW!!) on one side and planes landing and taking off on the other. It's different.

They have sand fights

Aww it's my first attempt at a sand castle. Am not creative.

Maddox and Orion

In the water like a big boy! Yay!!

Calix and Orion..Calix isn't really into the water part of the beach yet. He mostly just likes the sand.

I can't help it! I think it's just sooooo adorable when a tiny tugboat pulls a massive ship! I get all impressed.

We stayed for 2 hours..it was getting late and I needed to start dinner if the kids were going to go to bed at their normal time. But it was good times. We did a good job at letting minimal sand into the van. Yay for that! We can still improve..but this time wasn't nearly as devistating for me as last time was. I'm feeling more willing to beach out now.

Next weekend, I think we're doing China Town anddddd...a museum of sorts. I think the aviation one. We'll see.


YogaNana said...

Looks sandy and fun!

Jenna Consolo said...

Aside from the sand, which I hate too, it looks fun! And I love the way Maddox sits, all squatting. Conor did the same thing for a while. So cute!

Raelene said...

I miss the ocean, but sand in the car is a killer. Save some gallon milk jugs and fill them with water before your next trip to the beach. It'll help wash a lot of sand off before the trip home.

Langen Family said...

I am so gelouse. That is so beautiful. I want to come visit.