Tuesday, September 02, 2008

ooo OOOO oooooo!!

I know some of you will think I'm crazy for even writing this down..but it's *my* blog..so I will.

Last night was a rough one. Maddox kept me up because he was crying/screaming half the night. Oy. I went into his room to rub his back and put his blanket back on..ya know..and he starts screaming again. I randomly turn around and I see a taller than me dark shadow come into the room..stand at the door..and then move away. For a moment, I thought it was Orion coming in to see what was going on..but part of me knew better. I scooped Maddox up, held him close, and made my way back to my bedroom hoping that, like other nights, he just had some bad dreams and would fall asleep instantly once he was with mom and dad. I found it hard to go back to sleep..my heart still racing from what I saw. I was torn between waking Orion up and telling him..but decided that since he had to get up at 5:30 to just let him sleep and I'd tell him in the morning. I dozed off momentarily and had a pretty scary dream about what I'd seen in my baby's room. Maddox laid in between his parents with his eyes open..fighting sleep. I decided to try to put him back into his bed..because sometimes he just needs a good cuddle to feel better before heading back to his own bed. He immediately started to scream again (and if you know this boy..you know that's not like him). I sighed as only an exhausted mother can do..and Orion opened his eyes and asked what was going on "I don't know what to do. He's terrified to be in his room..but he won't sleep in here, either" "terrified of what?" "he's got a ghost or something in his room" Orion sat up "what?" "I was in there with him earlier and I turned around to see a tall dark shadowy figure move throughout his room and then stand at the door and leave" "are you sure it wasn't your shadow?" "I was standing still. I thought it was you coming into the room for a second" He put his glasses on and got out of bed to check things out. He stood silently in the hallway just listening. He told me he felt uneasy and had that 'someone else is there' feeling too. Maddox kept screaming. Orion went in and scooped the child back up and brought him back into our room and tried to have him fall asleep on his chest..like he normally would. Nothing. Just a scared little boy and his exhausted parents. Maddox sat up..I told him to close his eyes and go to sleep. Eventually he did..we all did..and I woke up with a Maddox foot in my face.

I wish I could just say I was seeing things..but *something* was there.


Jenna Consolo said...

That is scary! What are you guys gonna do with a haunted house?

YogaNana said...


That's not a little girl in an old-fashioned dress this time, then. Hawaii *does* have a rep.

hilary said...

Scary!!!! I probably would have had a heart attack. Poor Maddox!

Sarah said...

Freaky! I've caught several episodes of A Haunting on the Discovery channel lately...they always send shivers up my spine. Hope everyone has a better night tonight!

Micah said...

F that.