Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm still alive!


It's been a while..I knowwwww.. but writing a blog on my phone is kinda super annoying and there's no promise that it'll even post. I tried writing one in my e-mail so I could just copy and paste it..but alas, nothing. Thanks, Yahoo!, thanks.

Anyway, we're here..we're safe. The flight here was irritating because we landed so late in Chicago and had to literally run to our gate in order to even make the flight. We almost didn't. Then I noticed (too late to do anything about it, of course) that all four of our seats were separate from one another. 17, 18, 21, and 23E. On a straight down the very middle of the entire plane. Nice. The flight attendants were all "just ask the passengers to cooperate with you"..oookkaayyy. a couple of people were willing..but it just wouldn't work out right. So there I am scrunched in between 2 peopole with Maddox on my lap in row 23 while Orion's scrunched between 2 people with Calix on his lap up in 17. The flight attendant came up to me after take off and seriously asked if I'd be okay sitting like that for 9 1/2 hours. WHAT??? NO, I'm NOT okay sitting here like this..especially since this child HAS A PAID SEAT! Figure it out, ya know? she came back later saying she found someone next to Orion who was willing to move so Calix had a seat and was I interested in moving to one of our assigned seats behind him in 18? I guess if that's all you've got..then yeah.

I ended up being squished in the middle next to 2 people who were passed the eff out and leaning all over me. *Nice*. Orion, bless his heart, took on both children for the entire flight..but they were super well behaved (to the point where we were getting compliments about the kids and our parenting) and also slept a ton.

I got one of my famous migraines about 1/4 of the way in and no way to do anything about it. During landing..the headache spread and landed right above my left eye. If I pressed my eyebrow, sharp pains would shoot throughout my head and my eye would water. It literally felt like something in my head was about to explode. I was also getting over being sick and while being in the air will stuff up my nose..oh man..coming down was horrible. "I need tissues! I need tissues!!!" but was blocked in by said sleeping people. Lovely.

Anyway..that was all a big mess..but shoot, at least they paid for our meals (can I get some alcohol too? No? Okay.) that was nice.

We then picked up all 9 pieces of luggage plus 2 carseats plus the stroller (which you can officially bring to the gate with you and leave there and then pick it right back up after you get off the plane. Ya case anyone else was wondering.) and also the playpen and poor tired Orion loaded it all into the rental while I complained about my headache and nausea. He's such a good sport, I swear. The Inn where we're staying leaves much to be desired..but it saves a lot of money on gas (which is $4.27 a gallon) and what with the amount of traveling Orion's been adds up. It also helps to stay on post so we can actually LEARN the place before we get our if I have to stay in a small room with a kitchenette that only features a sink, mini fridge, and a microwave..I'll do it. It's not SO bad..but I'm for sure being creative with the meals. Horray for moving. Oy.

On Thursday, we scoped out the North Shore and continued all the way down the east side of the island. Gorgeous. On Sunday, we finished the rest of the island (except for that small piece near the top that has unfinished roads) and ended up on a beach that, I guess, was just for locals. Hey, we saw other white people didn't think much of it. Yeah..locals were staring at us..but no one said anything. We only stayed for about 20 minutes anyway. Cleaning out all of the sand from 4 people was horrendous. I think that's my least favorite part of going to the beach..and it's been the same since I was a kid. It's nice to be there..but a pain in my ass to clean up after.

Good news though! Many of you are already aware..but I finally got my new mini van on Saturday. Well, bought it..but it's on hold there for us until Orion gets his Hawaii license and fixes a couple of other issues. But it's ours all the same. The guy was trying to sell me crap. Seriously. Old vans that were totally torn up. With one of them he was like "what don't you like about it??" "little things..ya know, like the main clip to the cup holder is missing." "really? you're complaining about that?" "I said it was little things." "I don't think you're in the position to be as picky as you're being" POSITION??? PICKY??? He went inside and I was all "I'm not FROM Hawaii. I'm from Jersey. I'll f*cking stab him!" We were pre-approved for 25K on whatever I wanted. I already knew I wanted a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan or the 2008 Chrysler Town and Country. I told him right away and asked if he had any. I told him it felt like he was just trying to unload his lot on me. I told him I was about to slap him in the face and leave. He was insulting me everytime my husband walked away..for no reason. I think he was a woman hater. Oh..I'm SORRY! But ya know..if I'm about to pay this much for something..I want it to be something I LIKE. It's a lot of money, ya know. after he stormed away like the lil diva he thought he was, another man came up to me and said "I don't want you to settle" and I said "well, I don't want to settle either..but he's making me feel like I need to" and he said "what do you want? Do you want a new car?" "YES" "okay, I'll be right back" and he pulled around in my dream van (didn't think I had one..). 2008 Dodge Grand The swivel n' go..ya know..where the seats turn around and it comes with a little table you stick in the middle? That one. Awwwww yeeeaaaahhh. Dvd player..touch screen everything..back up has it all. I said "I don't even need to get in it. I don't even need to drive it. That's the one." we were starving so they let us drive it to Jack in the Box to pick up some lunch (heck yeah! I haven't been to a JITB in like 5 years!) and I just kept falling more and more in love with it. We bought it there on the spot, of course and it should be in our parking spot anywhere between the end of this week and early next week.'s mine. Oh's mine.

Wanna hear something cute? One of my criteria for the car was that it "needed to be a 7 or 8 passenger vehicle..because we want one more kid but I also have a big family and I want them to come out to visit. Airfare is expensive enough without having them need a rental car." I bought it just so I could drive my fam around. Save ya'll some dollas. We'll also have the Buick back around the 16th of there really should be no reason for anyone who visits to need a rental. Always thinkin.

Anyway..the kids are antsy and we should head on back to the room. Now that I know where the library is..entries shouldn't be too far apart. Pictures will have to wait, I guess, until our computer gets here.

Till next time!


YogaNana said...

Even though I heard most of this on the phone, I read every word. :o) Good to have you back online. And, you know ... I think we'll get over there eventually ...

Jenna Consolo said...

Hooray! You're there! You lucky duck! And the minivan sounds like a dream! My dream, for sure. Good for you, sis.

I so agree with you about the beach and the sand thing. Major pain. It does get better as the kids get older and can de-sand themselves, but I've never really been a fan. The beach is pretty, but so much work! And here I am in Southern CA, and you in Hawaii! What a pair!

hilary said...

Aloha! Glad you made it safe and sound, and I can't wait to see pics. xoxoxo

Sarah said...

So glad you guys made it safe and sound!

I hate jerky car sales guys! UGH! Glad a better one came out to sell you what you wanted!

Can't wait to see some pics!