Saturday, July 05, 2008

4 Days!

I hope everyone had a wonderful (and safe!) 4th!

It's hard to celebrate something in a big way when you're in the middle of moving. However, we were invited up to Orion's grandparent's house in Upton (what's up there? not a ton.). It's been a while since we've been there (okay, I didn't go at *all* the entire time O was gone. Look, it's far away and she lives *deep* in the boonies) so it was nice to see the new house finally finished and decorated. It looks great!

After saying hi to everyone standing, I made my way into the kitchen where grandpa was sitting at the table playing cards with a couple of friends. I sneaked up from behind and wrapped my arms around him giving him a big hug and he kissed my cheek and was all "there's my girl.." awww. He's a pile of sweetness. He seems to be doing better than he was a few months ago.

The kids were super well behaved and awesome. Maddox ate everything in sight..Calix barely ate per usual. Calix is officially afraid of dogs..but loves the cats (that's my boy!!). We left around 7:30 and Maddox passed out in the car and Calix kept his eyes out for cows so he could say "cows! moooo!!!" my lil angelbutt.

After putting the kids down, we grabbed a couple of beers and headed out back to watch some fireworks. I got super eaten up. I smacked Orion's face because he had a mosquito on his cheek...and the thing blew up all over my hand leaving all kinds of blood. It was pretty nasty.

The last few days here are going to be so insane I almost don't want to live them. it over yet?


YogaNana said...

I like Orion's grandparents -- they remind me of my own. :o)

So the big day approacheth! We're really excited for you, but not looking forward to the computer down-time. I assume you're keeping your cell number, yes?

chelsea said...

can't believe its already july...that's just're gonna have such a blast in Hawaii though so this time will be a haze...have a safe trip...and take lots of pictures

Abby said...

I'm keeping my cell number, yes. At least for a while..but of course I'd let you know if I changed it.