Friday, June 20, 2008

19 Days till Hawaii!

There's been a ton going on here lately. Yesterday, I went through all of Maddox's baby clothes and then gathered up the baby swing (which was used a few times with both kids..still looks brand new), the changing table (both kids used it..but *if* there's going to be a third..I want a different wood), 2 strollers, a car seat and some other random stuff..and donated it all. I don't need more stuff lying around that won't be being used, ya know? On accident though, I think I threw in the shirt Maddox came home from the hospital in. Orion said he'll go back and find it for me. Clothing wise..those seem to be the only things I cute as everything else is (and ohhh so little!!).

I've been trying to get O to agree on another baby. I cry *ALL* the time because I want want want another baby..but it has to be put on hold. Last night he said he's more than fine with having another baby and when I'm serious about it to just stop taking my pills but can it wait 3 weeks? Three weeks until he finds out what unit he's in and when they're deploying because he can't NOT be there for me and the birth and all of that. I'm concerned about the age gap between them all. Don't make fun of me..but that's seriously my biggest concern. I want our kids to be close in age so they KNOW each other. Like in my family? I don't know the oldest 3 as much as I know the youngest 3. Orion doesn't know his brother at all because there's a 7 year age difference. At this rate..if we wait till we get to Hawaii and he finds out when and if he'll be deploying they cut his dwell time and he ends up deploying in October, for instance..that would mean baby would wait until he came home on leave and baby would be born after he got home. And then if that were to happen and he deployed in October (an example..) Maddox would be 3 by the time he got home (and he'd have missed ALL of that kid's birthdays) and then if we started then for baby #3..Maddox would be 4..Calix would be almost 6..and ya know, it just kills me. I feel like that's a huge age gap and I want them to KNOW the 3rd baby like they know one another. I guess it all seems silly to have that be my biggest concern..but I never want my kids to be lonely because of something so silly as an age gap. Having friends around your age that live with you and are your siblings is a huge important and very special thing. I had it. I want my babies to have it. So yeah, if I feel like I can deal with 3 kids and possibly having the other one alone while he's deployed (unless someone who loves me would come out for the birth and to help out for a bit)'s a go for baby 3. I feel like I can give birth without my husband and without knowing anyone else on the island (I doubt that'll happen because I'm gonna make a bigger effort to get to know people next time around)? That's what I'm trying to figure out. I think I can deal with all 3 of's not a huge deal, really. I guess what I'd need to know is..hey..any of you out there want to come help your little sister out for a bit if she does decide to go through with this and he does, in fact, deploy during all of this? ...anyone?

A bunch of Orion's buddies from the motor pool are coming over after work for a farewell get together. I'm not sure if they're bringing wives and kids, too..but whatever. So I guess there's going to be a bbq of sorts and probably a lot of noise. Oh goody goody gumdrops. Nah, it should be fun.


Hilary said...

Aww you could have donated all that stuff to me!! jk :)

Well I'm definitely excited for you for Hawaii and baby #3!!! I think everything is going to fall into place and it's going to work out perfectly! And I'll (hopefully) someday come out to see you!

Sarah said...

Abby, I totally agree on having them all so close together. That's how I wanted ours. Also the fact that I wanted to be a young mother. I wanted to be done before I was 30. There is a 10 year gap between my sister (who was the youngest) and little brother. Sure, we loved being teenagers with a baby around that we got to play with and such, but he was 7 when Josiah and I got married and now I really don't know him very well. It's sad because I'm pretty close to the other 3 that I grew up with. So yeah, it makes sense to have them close together.

Jenna Consolo said...

However, never fear! And patience is okay too. Aiden is 4 years younger than Dylan and 6 years younger than Lyns, which I thought would be a devastating age gap, but it hasn't been at all. Lyns and Aiden are very close. Very. They just understand each other and love each other. And Dylan and Aiden are great brothers. There are good and bad things with either route, and it all works out in the end. Conor is so much younger, but it's been awesome having the older kids really learn how to care for a baby and be a big help. That will be a huge preparation for them in their lives. I do wonder about having just one more so Conor doesn't spend half his life as an only child, but we'll see. I believe that families can orchestrate closeness, and we'll all spend more time as adults than we do as kids anyway.